Electric Bike. Your Hybrid Urban and
Recreational Fun Vehicle

Electric Bike Becomes Astonishing Popular.
Skeptics Become Silent.
Do You Become Interested?

Remember the first time you heard about a bike combined with electric power. Most likely you reacted something like...Electric what?

So, it begins.

Technical revolution took us from steam to gasoline and rocket fuel.

The same goes with bikes. From man power to electric engine and further to... nobody knows where. We will see.

But this time let us talk about... Electric bike and... man’s passion to move.

After the first attempts to introduce a bike with electric motor people all around the world were skeptic.

And silent.

However emerging technologies let you move from point A to point B more and more comfortably. Even on your beloved bike.

Accumulator and electric bike motor is basically all you need to “go electric”. It’s green, it’s fun and some kind of inspirational.

Enter the stream.

Technology Aspects

E-bike concept may be understood in two ways.

First way, your “ordinary” bike gets an "upgrade" and becomes electric. Depending on your needs and depth of your pockets you will have a wide variety options how to “cycle electric”.

However, in all cases you will need an electric bicycle kit with accumulator and electric bike motor.

Fix a battery to your bike frame or rack, change ordinary front or rear wheel with the one with motor and... you are ON!

Don’t forget the Second way, too. Look for “real” e-bike. Your choices may be such as electric scooter bike or electric mountain bike.

Want to be one step ahead?

Look for a bike with programmable software (controlled via USB similar device). What do you get?

A bike with cruise control. Or... possibility to set a different speed limits for a different riders. Good idea if you are afraid your child will get a speeding ticket while riding his bike to school.

Remember, electric bicycle is not a “water-resistant-instrument”. So, be sure (especially if you choose the First way) that battery, motor and all additional electric equipment (if any) are hermetic.

Don’t depend on weather conditions. Use silicon to make electric parts watertight.

First way vs. Second way…

Some people say it is more comfortable and somehow more "bike-feeling" when you ride with your “ordinary” one-man-power bike upgraded with electrical kit.

This may be right. Except for more weight you preserve the same riding conditions of your bike.

And it looks like “normal” bike.

However, if you have nothing against more modern approach pure electric apparatus could be your choice.

How Powerful?

Top speed of your e-bicycle is likely to be quite impressive.

Depending on model you may find yourself speeding up to 30 mph (48 km/h) speed.

However, the speed doesn’t play the decisive role in most cases unless you want to challenge that modern-green-city-car of your neighbor’s. You could succeed. Perfect.

But let us go back to...

...more important factor...

Cycling range with one fully charged battery. How about 100 kilometers (about 60 miles)? Some modern electric bikes can offer you that.

Surely, exact numbers depend on real riding conditions.

Is your trail plain or contains a lot of ups-and-downs? What speed do you prefer? Do you stop often or just get on your bike and ride non-stop to your destination?

Don’t forget weather conditions, such as wind resistance and temperature, too. Finally, your weight.

It all may adjust your one-charge riding range.

Please follow this link to find out more about eBike motor, including types and characteristics of batteries.

What Do You Pay for “Going Electric”?

Price is the always-changing factor. It depends on your choice and requirements.

However, in most cases decent electric bike will cost something similar like a good entry-level mountain bike.

No matter whether you are going to buy update kit for your old bike or get yourself a ready-to-go electric bicycle, battery makes the biggest part of your expenses.

Law of economics plays here – big demand, still relatively small supply and expensive battery materials leave us with a significant price if we are looking something more than simple entry level e-bike.

Ordinary lead battery for your bike together with bike motor kit can take something between 300-500 USD out of your pocket.

Lead battery weighs more, lasts shorter and is bigger-sized compared with lithium batteries.

Li-batteries are almost 2/3 lighter than lead accumulators. Most modern battery contains a mixture of Lithium-Iron materials (Li/Fe).

And what do you get with Li/Fe?...

...even higher lifetime and durability especially on constant discharge-to-zero cycling style. Li/Fe batteries can also be stored for a long time without significant loss of energy.

No question that all types of e-bike batteries are rechargeable. Charge them from the grid, via pedaling power or even with solar cells.

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