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“No Secret - Hardtail Mountain Bikes are Hard. However, no Matter How Hard, They are Still Worth your Attention”

Why is it Hard?

Hardtail bike is common description of mountain bike with no rear suspension system.

So, every stone or rock on your way will directly bump your back when riding over it.

Is it so bad? Well, depends on your back.

Good thing - most Hardtails do come with a front suspension fork.

More Good Things You Need to Know

The fact that Hardtail weigh less, are more durable and cheaper than full suspension bicycles plays very important role. As manufacturers of Hardtails say “Hardtail is about minimalism and finesse”.


Finesse is good. But let us talk more practical.


Generally, bike with front and rear suspension will be heavier than a good old Hardtail Mountain Bike. If you like to keep your bike on diet, hardtail is better decision.

However, technology doesn’t wait and now you can already find dual suspension cycle with similar weight as hardtail. So, is weight factor not an issue anymore? Yes. With one condition...

You are not on budget and can afford better than medium quality full suspension bike.


Hardtails are reliable to ride on most trail surfaces. If you are not going to ride a real downhill (DH) or perform springboard jump from the roof of your garage, hardtail will be OK for you.

Another thing…

Attention, beginners. From technical and maintenance side hardtail is less complicated as dual suspension. It is a good choice for you, if you are less experienced biker, or you do not like extra expenditures for maintenance.


Last but not least. Because of their price benefits Hardtail Mountain Bikes should be especially suitable if you are on tight budget. Remember one important thing…

Say NO for cheap full suspension bike (off course this rule doesn’t include discount offers from well know brand manufacturers).

In all cases you will get a hardtail with better parts and components compared with full suspension bike for the same price.


Hardtail accelerates better than full suspension.

Of course, your legs accelerate, but…

on hardtail you don’t waste pedal power on bike rear suspension movements (it’s known as “bob and squat” disadvantage).

You will notice so called hardtail vs. dual suspension pedaling efficiency most obviously if you ride on roads and hard trails.

Where does it Fit?

Yes, I like questions. So, let me ask you - what kind of trails do you like most?

If you like biking trails with only small roots and rocks on your way and rock-jumping seems boring for you, then I generally recommend a Hardtail. It is not so comfortable with hardtail, you say?

Make your hardtail more comfortable with a suspension seatpost. It won’t replace rear suspension, but it will be much cheaper. And not so hard…

As a Cross Country fan, I can assure you that you won’t break your back riding on Hardtail through the woods and country off-roads. Do you prefer DH or FR more?

Well… In that case don’t miss resources about Downhill and Freeride mountain bikes.

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