Michigan Bike Trails
Let’s Ride Through the Land of Lighthouses

Michigan cycling trails are something you
might have never experienced before.

Why is that so?

Because it is always a thrilling feeling to ride your bike into the wilderness. Especially in Michigan.

What Awaits you Here?

Don’t be scarred of my words about wilderness. No one will leave you alone on your bike in the middle of nowhere.

Michigan bike trails are not only challenging mountain bike trails. Choose paved routes and enjoy the scenery of beaches, small towns and villages.

Talking more about the scenery...

Territory of Michigan consists of two peninsulas, simply called Upper and Lower.

The Lower

Since the Lower Peninsula (it looks like a mitten if you look at the map) is mostly flat with occasional hills and lots of rivers and lakes, it is perfect place for easier bike rides on paved bike trails.

Bike trails in Michigan are built constantly. It is good for local businesses. It is good for you too. However, not everyone is seeking for an easy relaxing ride.

If you are hungry for challenges, take a look at the Upper Peninsula.

The Upper

The Upper is a heavily forested and rarely settled area. Here you will also find mountains funny named Porcupine Mountains. The altitude here is higher compared with the other peninsula and the surface is rougher.

Having all those National Forests of Michigan on such a surface, perfect place for biking is the final result you get.

By the way, climate here offers you hot summers and cold winters. Choose the right season.

Into the Wild of Michigan

Here comes my favorite part – National Forests of the Upper Peninsula. The good thing talking about national forests and nature preserves all around the world is the one I have mentioned before.

Touch of nature. Sorry, if it sounds too romantic but Upper Peninsula bike trails are exactly such a place.

You can choose among a lot of professionally designed bike trails according to your experience level. Don’t take it too hard at the beginning.

Don’t forget your camera (if you’re traveling with bag pack). Sceneries are worth that extra weight.

Some of the trails will require more experience and bike handling skills than expected. If your trail leads through the woods, be prepared for limited spaces between trees.

Yes, there are plenty of them down here in Michigan.

Of course, every adventure has its limits. So, be careful with that fun of wilderness. Especially on more distant Michigan bike trails.

I suggest you should not travel all alone. I suggest you should have all the necessaries with you for the on-road bike reparations. Grab a couple extra bottles of water too. What about compass?

All this just for your easy mind and the best taste of bike trails Michigan.

More Information about your trail?

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