Mountain bikes online sales?
The Top Basics Before Your Final Decision

“Considering Mountain Bikes Online Sales?
Knowing what you want is not enough. Understand what you really need."

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One note before we begin to talk about bikes sales online. You see lot of “vs.” on this page.

It may look confusing at first glance.

But it is not bad.

It’s great news actually because it means various choices and options for you.

Choose Your Bike

Read this page and find the bike list at the end of it. Already know what bike you are looking for? Perfect.

Find it here

Good Price vs. Better Price

It is not easy to find a one-size-fits-all approach when we speak about your mountain bike’s price. “Good price” and “Good bike” may vary with their meanings.

My only advice is – don’t be amazed with cheap offers from supermarkets. It is better to buy a good simple bike than more sophisticated one from non-specialized retailer.

No offence, but supermarkets often love quantity more than quality.

One thing is for sure…

If you have found a good offer at a good price “offline”, try mountain bikes online sales. You will find the same (or even better) mountain bike offer at better price.

Why? Online saves mountain bike shop’s costs – so you can buy cheaper.

My second only advice would be – buy online from specialized merchant who knows bikes.

Hardtail (like it hard?)
Full Suspension (...or like it soft?)

Know this – Hardtail is front suspension only. Full Suspension, as the name suggests, contains both – front and rear suspension. Which one to choose?

Answer depends on your manner of riding.

It is popular opinion that Hardtail pedals more efficiently.

They are lighter, require less maintenance. And…

Mountain bikes online sales offer Hardtail slightly cheaper.

On the other hand, Full Suspension offers much more comfort. Is it important for you?

 Select Full Suspension if your answer is “YES”.

Unless you feel excited with shacking-and-quaking rides, I would not recommend you no-suspension mountain bike. Save your hands and lungs for more important things than off-road stones and holes.

Almost in all cases Full Suspension is most preferable.

Mountain Bike Frame Size
That Fits You

There are no “vs.’s” at this point. You simply must carefully choose your mountain bike frame size. If you are looking for man mountain bike you surely don’t want to ride with bicycle sized for kids.

Now the basics…

Know your height. Know your inseam. About inseam – normally you must know your inseam size to purchase trousers that fit correctly. Bottom line?

If you can buy trousers that fit you well, you will be able to purchase a mountain bike that fits you well too (and hopefully suits with your trousers…).

When deciding upon comfortable frame size, inseam is more important because it determines how well your legs will be able to handle pedals. Frame size is measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube.

Typical "medium" size is 18.5 inches (about 46 cm) for a men's mountain bike.

Here’s more sizing numbers for you…

Disc Brakes vs. Rim Brakes

At this “vs.” you are not dealing with an issue “to brake or not to brake”. I personally used rim brakes for a very long time. So what’s the difference?

There is a difference. When you struggle with this “vs.” keep in mind one thing. Disc brakes are slightly (cable actuated disc brakes) or even much more (hydraulic disc brakes) expensive than Rim brakes systems.

Any advantages?

Yes. Better performance. Exceptionally in water or dirt conditions. If price is not an issue to you, I would recommend you disc Brakes. However…

Don’t lose your mind for that. Rim brakes are also doing their job.

This list of “vs.’s” may be endless. I have mentioned only most important basics about mountain bikes online sales. But please, don’t get trapped with limitless analysis. Mountains are waiting.

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