Cheap Electric Bikes
How “Cheap” Can You Go and Still Have a Decent Quality?

Cheap electric bikes would be a perfect thing.
Just pay a couple of dollars, plug-in and ride

The question is how far and how good will you ride. Higher initial investments may save your time and nerves latter.

Most important...

Don’t forget that savings also are the part of your budget. And with an electric bike you may save a lot of your fuel money.

Reasonable Buy-In Price for Pure Electric Bikes

What do I mean by pure electric bikes? These bikes were made to be electric. And they are not the one you may call cheap electric bikes.

Average 1500 USD is considered to be a reasonable price level where you get a better quality electric bike.

Go bellow this line and you may have more quality-durability issues. Feeling of a good ride may be lost if you consider cheap electric bikes bellow this price.

There may be two main problems with cheap electric bikes.

First is the quality of the battery/its guarantee term. Since the battery is the most expensive part of electric bike, it should be of a decent quality and have at least two year guarantee period.

Second – poor Pedelec system. Cheap and less sophisticated electronic sensor may cause a funny “delayed-assistance” feeling. This is not good.

Internal cables and better design is a nice bonus of more expensive electric bikes.

However, electric power bikes are not necessary pure electric bikes. Conversion kit for electric bike may turn your beloved old bike into something new and more advanced.

And the price for this change is...

Reasonable Buy-In Price for Electric Kit

Electric kit is simply a set of details required to power your bike into electric gadget. You will get electric hub motor, battery, controllers and wires for 400 – 600 USD. Just be sure battery price is included.

This way of going electric is especially recommendable if you are still in doubts whether this electric bike concept will fulfill your needs.

The best thing about the electric kit (besides its price) is that you may assemble and dismount it very easy.

This means that if you don’t like it, you may sell it to your friend or give it like a present to your mother.

And that’s it.

You are back on your old reliable man-powered bike.

How to Make It Cheaper? At Least in Your Mind

It’s not only the price of the electric power bikes that matters. Calculate your daily route to the office (or school).

Take a look at the oil prices. The near future doesn’t look promising if we are waiting for a decrease of the oil price.

Next, consider the environmental costs of your car.

Add the price of your gym or similar body training (you do make some exercises, don’t you?).

Finally, keep in mind the priceless value of your nerves when you begin and end your every weekday in traffic jams.

These new components of our cheap electric bikes formula begin to change the result drastically. People who have selected electric bike as their daily commuting vehicle tell that their electric bills have increased some 10-15 per cent.

On the other hand, their fuel expenditures have dropped 60-70 per cent.

Consider electric bike as a long term investment and that 1500 USD price average won’t look so painful anymore.

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