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Use Your Head Properly

Mountain Bike Helmets May be Live Savers
Your Skull is Not Much of a Brain Safety Measure
When it Comes to Bike Crash

Use Your Brain and Get Decent Helmet

Probably you begin reading this article with several excuses already waiting in your head “Why should I not wear a bike helmet?”

Here we will try to defeat those excuses.

“What’s That Mushroom On Your Head?”

Do you feel like a dummy when you have a helmet on your head? Do you? You shouldn’t. Bikers riding without bike helmets should be concerned, not you.

Today’s technologies enable bike helmets manufacturers to make a product which is lighter, stronger, better ventilated and… finally… looking quite well.

Now it is your turn to put this product on your head.

One more thing.

You really don’t need to look like a mushroom anymore.

Mountain bike helmets design is better these days, just take your time and you will find something decent. Finally, we are talking about your safety here and not about a participation in design contest.

By the way… have you ever heard about one-time helmets?

It doesn’t mean they are worthless. They will do their job. But only one time. After that you will throw them away. You pay less for such a helmet. And one-crash-helmet is what you get.

It is lighter, absorbs a crash, saves your head and… falls apart.

Fair deal, I would say.

And if you still think your helmet looks ugly… Look at the bright side of life – your helmet won’t be attractive for thieves either.


Usually this rule will apply to all heads.

It is nothing special about bikers’ heads. It’s just producers of helmets are trying to find that golden size suitable for average head.


Almost every helmet comes with the adjustable straps on it. And with internal customizable system (such special ring fixed inside your helmet) you will be able to put your head in safety.

Just pay attention to the positioning of your helmet.

Helmet may not fall on your eyes all the way up till nose. It shouldn’t hang on the back of your head as well. Just fix it on the top.

How do you feel? Not too tight, not too loose? If so…

Make sure your seller allows cost-free returns and may provide you another helmet.

It may take some time, especially, if you are the owner of the head which is sized below or over the “average”.

How Much For Your Brain?...

What price would you pay for your brain? I bet in any case it would be much higher than a price for a decent helmet. Which protects your head and all what’s inside it.

So, I believe you would like to pay less… And get yourself a helmet.

Having in mind the value of the organ that is being protected prices for entry level helmets are really insignificant.

Having 30–35 USD on your bank account will already suffice to put a helmet on your head.

Invest something between 50-100 USD and you will get a modern and good looking (ok… relatively good looking…) mountain bike helmet.

Golden rule of biking applies here as well. The higher the price, the less weight you will carry on your head.

Don’t hesitate to add several dollars extra for your comfort.

And remember...

This is the most important investment in your whole mountain biker career. Don’t play a lottery with your own head.

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