Conversion Kit for Electric Bike
Is Your Bike Ready to Make a Huge Step in Evolution Chain?

How much joy do you have every day? If you like cycling
(I bet you like, since you are reading this), you already have one component of daily joy.

What if we make this joy double?


The Joy of Free Movement =Taste of Innovation

These are not just empty words. You can have it.

I think this “joy factor” will create the bright future for electric bikes. People like new but simple things. Exact such a thing is now in front of you...

What do you get with a conversion kit for electric bike anyway?

The answer is - you get a simple way to turn your “ordinary” bike into electric bike. Including all those “joy factor” things, conversion kit is cheaper than a brand new electric bike from factory.

Depending on the characteristics of your conversion kit, the result may be surprising.

Your good old bike may get the performance level that is equal to “real” electric bikes in price range way over 1500 USD. Conversion kit for electric bike is easy to install.

It is possible to fix the electric bike motor on both, front or rear wheel. What more can I say?..

It’s simply an easy way to go electric. And it's cheaper than buying a new electric bike.

Two Choices of Hub Motors

First choice is called geared electric motor.

If you still want to use your pedals not only as comfortable feet holders while riding your bike, you should choose this type of electric motor.

It assists you when you pedal and gives you strength when you need it most.

Second option (very tempting one) comes with more speed, power and less pedal work.

It’s called direct drive and offers you what it says. Direct drive. All you need to do is to control the input power using the throttle on your handlebar.

Find more information about these two systems here Hub motor characteristics are mentioned more exact in the page about electric bike parts. Need more information about electric bike batteries?

Why Would You Like to Change?

Your bike only will change after you will change yourself. It sounds dramatic but it isn’t so. There may be many reasons why would you like to upgrade your bike to the whole new level.

  • Want to go green?
  • Tired of daily traffic jams?
  • Looking for even more fun with your bike?

All these reasons are correct. Just make this change and...

imagine you are heading home after intensive office day. Get on your bike. Escape the main roads. Enjoy the freedom of easy ride.

Make some exercises on your way (I mean, you still can pedal if you want. You should). Come home with a fresh head.

What about such a change?

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