Heart Rate Training Cycling Plan – Your Confident Beat

Cadences per hour. Beats per minute.
Become more confident and… happier biker

Relaxed Thinking. Begin from Here

What does it mean?

It means no training program can be more important than your well being and health. Why am I saying this?

That’s because it is really easy to overrate your strength, be fascinated by your cycling goals and… burn out as soon, as you make your first training steps.

That’s why we need a descent heart rate training cycling plan. Put some efforts to build your plan according to your needs and physiological abilities. The rest depends on you.

Success is build by making one step after the other.

Bottom line – listen to your body language. Some days are just not meant to be good training days.

Where to Start. What to Do

In case you already have a cycling training program, your heart rate training should begin at the start of your whole training cycle. If you have no training program… guess what?

You need to make it now. Including heart rate training workouts. Ask professional coach to help you with this.

Your training program literally should depend on your heart beat. Intensity and periods of various workouts will be determined by your heart’s beats per minute.

One more thing - use heart rate monitor. They are light and very user-friendly these days. Monitor enables you to watch and control the intensity of your workouts.

Talking about workouts…

There are pre-written patterns and programs helping you to maximize your training results. However, your body has hundreds (if not thousands) unique characteristics. What does it mean to you?

It means, your heart rate training cycling plan will also be unique. Applicable and useful for you only.

You will reach your training goals successfully only if your heart will be ready and trained for it.

Your Perfect Beat

Speaking more about uniqueness. How to measure it and apply to your cycling workouts?

There are many steps to ascertain your personal heart workouts and stick to them during your whole training (cycling) season. As for example…

Heart rate zones – once determined, these zones (actually showing recommendable heart rate while you are doing your workout) will guide you through the whole process.

Intensity and frequency of your heart rate training cycling plan will vary accordingly to your heart rate zone.

Training program – again, you need it, if you have decided to take your biking (and physical condition) to the next level. This training plan will follow you every day.

Sometimes you will find yourself thinking you remember your training plan better than your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s birthday. And that’s OK (just write down birthday’s date on the other side of program sheet).

Just stick to the plan. Everything else depends on you. However, do not push yourself to the limit where you start feeling constantly uncomfortable. Cycling is meant to be fun.

Instead of checking your heart rate monitor every couple of minutes and feeling exhausted, ride with your friends and… check your heart rate monitor only when you reach some checkpoint of your training plan – after 10 miles race, just after your interval training, or…

when you remember it.

Relaxed thinking mixed with some training discipline makes wonders.

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