Mountain Bike Shorts
Short Story About Your Pants

Mountain Bike Shorts May Look Like Ordinary Pants
However, Compared With Everyday Clothing, They Are Missing Something

And That’s Exactly Why You Need Them

I am not radical here. You will be able to ride your mountain bike wearing your everyday clothing.

Anyway, why would you like to purchase cycling shorts? Find the answer bellow.

So, Cycling Shorts Don’t Have a...

Seams. That’s right. Okey, they do actually have seams but not in those sensitive places where “ordinary” shorts do.

And this is the key feature why you need a mountain bike shorts.

Biking process is everything about constant movement. Your legs are spinning pedals hundreds… thousands times on every ride.

So, you get constant friction on various parts of your body.

Some of them are more sensitive than the others. And your crotch is most sensitive from all.

You need to reduce the friction there. No excuses.

And this is where mountain bike shorts come to play. Designed with no seams in crotch area these shorts significantly reduce friction and ease your pain especially on long rides.

If you ever have ridden a long track with your bike or if you cycle in a hot weather conditions you will know what I’m talking about here.

Red and rough skin and that ugly irritation feeling on places where your body constantly contacts with seams of your pants.

It’s time to choose comfortable ride.

...but They Do Have...

Padding. Even with antibacterial layer. Padded mountain bike shorts are a huge improvement compared with ordinary shorts.

No seams in crotch area and additional soft material under your sitting bones are something you will fall in love with after first hundred meters of your trail.

Cycling shorts also are made from materials suitable to complicated conditions.

They are more durable, offer more ventilation and overall better temperature regulation during your ride.

This is important. You ride how you feel.

Depending on type of your biking shorts, open hand pockets and pockets with zippers for additional security are also no-question feature.

That’s something you will find really attractive.

...and You Can Choose From...

Classic Cycling Shorts These shorts are most specific. And they are designed more for road then mountain biking.

They are very tight.

Their form repeats the shape of your body. And you don’t wear underpants.

Naturally these shorts have the same features like mountain bikes shorts. No seams, where they are not wanted, extra padding, freedom of movements.

However, since they are intended to road biking more than mountain biking, materials can be not so scratch-and-scrape resistant. They are shorter and you get less pockets.

Baggy Shorts My personal favorite. Baggy shape makes feel not so exposed to the world and kind of relaxed.

Just above your knees or three-quarter length these cycling shorts will provide good ventilation and better sun protection for your legs.

Still they are light but more durable and practical.

With all those pockets and zippers around them. Feel confident about your keys and phone while going through off-road obstacles.

Baggy shorts are made for cycling. So, things about seams and padding remain the same.

Just be sure these shorts are not too loose for you.

If so, you may feel uncomfortable stumbling on your bike seat every time you get on or off your bicycle.

Bib Shorts Some kind of extended classic cycling shorts. No waistband. You also wouldn’t call them trousers with braces but it’s something similar. Why would you like them?

Mostly for even less friction. But this time on your waist.

Bib shorts could be a good choice if you feel that other cycling shorts are too tight and make your breathing harder.

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