Mountain Bike Shoes
Were not “Made Just for Walking”
Let’s Ride

Bicycle Shoes – Your Solid Connection With the Bike
Why Do You Need Them and How Can They Serve You?

What’s Special About Them?

Mountain bike shoes are supposed to be reliable and solid connection between bike and its engine – your legs.

Better engagement with pedal, protection from sweat, cold and water, higher overall durability are the top qualities you will like the most purchasing yourself a pair of biking shoes.

Depending on your riding habits and needs you may want to combine your bike shoes with your

clipless pedals. If that’s the case, look for cycling shoes compatible with fixing mechanism of your pedals.

Materials and Quality

Materials decide quality and price of your mountain bike shoes.

Materials are very important especially talking about the sole of your shoe.

Plastic, rubber, fiberglass, carbon fiber – these are the most popular materials for cycling shoes.

Beginning with plastic and rubber as an entry level materials and continuing with fiberglass and carbon fiber hi-end bike shoes. Variations and mixing of these materials are surely possible.

Pay attention to the stiffness of sole.

If you ride with clipless pedals on longer rides you may begin to feel metal cleats under your feet. Sole of your shoes should be stiff enough to isolate your foot from squeeze.

So, try to avoid soft rubber soles if you have clipless pedals.

You would also like breathable fabric for the upper part of your cycling shoes for better ventilation and more comfort for your feet.

What do you get for more money?

Like in all biking technologies more money means less weight and more durability for your mountain bike shoes.

What About Walking Around?

The truth is cycling shoes may be very uncomfortable when you walk.


Mountain bike shoes are designed to let you to take a descent walk when you are off your bike. And that is important especially if you are riding on cross country and single trails.

The moment when you are not able to ride over the terrain and need to carry or push your bike through will definitely come.

And that’s where your biking shoes need to show their “walking qualities”. What do you need?

Flexibility and stability

Medium hard rubber sole with massive tread should fulfill these requirements.

If you have clipless pedals on your bike be sure fixing metal cleats are recessed enough to ensure comfortable moving on your own feet.

And what if your cycling shoes are really doing their job when you are on bike but making more than three footsteps on your own makes you already feel like walking with bricks under your feet?

Prepare to accept additional weight and get yourself another pair of normal walking shoes.

Surely you would like to do that only if you are planning a long tour with several longer stops (overnights).

Still Cold Feet?

I know what it means when your feet fingers become cold and numb.

Ugly feeling. Luckily we have a solution.

Use shoe covers to keep your feet warm and dry. They may look not so fantastic but who cares anyway.

Made from water resistant synthetic fabric these covers will serve your feet like woollen stockings. Only from outside...

Feeling of warm feet is incomparably better then feeling of numb fingers.

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