Titanium Mountain Bikes
Do you Choose Diamond Ring or Titanium Bike Frame?

I have never heard about mountain bikes from diamonds (Arab sheikhs hide their biking secrets…)

Still, I can share my experience about
titanium bikes with you

It is not sufficient to say that titanium mountain bikes are perfect. Let’s take a closer look how this Hi-End material works for your bike.

And answer that question about diamonds vs. titanium…

What’s so Special about Titanium?

Price – I know you prefer titanium bikes more than diamond rings. That’s why you are reading this article.

Titanium is difficult to manufacture. At least more difficult than other materials suitable for cycling. And demand is high.

This results in high prices with less quantity.


Anyway, you pay for quality. So titanium frame most likely will be your choice if you are considering buying yourself a hi-end mountain bike.

Price is the only drawback for titanium bikes… Let’s face the truth – this material is certainly not for an entry level mountain bikes.

Durability – it’s strong. It’s durable. How could I express it more?

Consider titanium mountain bikes if you are sure you will spend the next ten-fifteen years riding the same bike. It’s like buying immovable property – investment that lasts.

Titanium frame won’t rust. It won’t change its shape or brake on your rough downhill rides. Most likely other components of your bike made from different materials won’t delight you with the same durability as your titanium frame.

So, don’t forget to do a regular maintenance for the rest of your bike. Unless you have ordered it 100 percent titanium (titanium bike wheels? Hm…).

Weight – Titanium sounds heavy but weights less. It is measured that titanium is almost 50 percent lighter than steel… OK, you may say aluminum weights even less.

However, titanium is much stronger than aluminum.

Choice is yours.

And What about Looks?

I love that matte surface…

That’s only personal opinion. I saw matte surface black Ford Mustang the other day.

It looks solid. And aggressive.

The same matte trick also works with titanium mountain bikes.

Most titanium frames are not painted at all.

Again, my personal opinion, but that’s how I like it. No additional shrilling colors. Just that matte surface indicating that you are not dealing with just-another-good-bike.

Solid and inspirational, I would say.

Any Competitors?

Yes. It’s called carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber bike frames claim to take their place among modern bikes. There are many opinions around, including mine, that titanium still wins the competition.

Durability and looks are considered to be important advantages when we compare carbon fiber vs. titanium.

Let’s compromise. Take titanium frame. Get carbon fiber fork. Make them “stick” together. You will avoid that extra stiffness of your titanium bike fork. Smoother ride, the same weight.

You can’t go wrong joining the benefits of these materials together.


No, diamonds are not direct competitors of titanium in biking sector.

I just use this comparison to give you an impression about how strong and exceptional titanium frames are. Titanium is the strongest material which you can get for your bike frame on market.

Titanium mountain bikes

Just like diamond is the hardest natural material on Earth.

By the way – do you see the shining dot over the letter “i” in this photo?

That’s right. This is a titanium bike frame with… encrusted diamond. No comments.

I just thought you will find it interesting…

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