Downhill Mountain Bikes
That’s Cool! But Contact your Insurance Agent…

Downhill Mountain Bikes –Ride Faster, Jump Harder What Should you Know about these Ultimate Biking Machines?

No Gravity – No Fun

Luckily we have enough gravity here on Earth to do downhill mountain biking. 9.8 m/s2 is the dimension that pulls you down to earth. And your bike down the mountain.

Downhill bike is designed to conquer your way through most difficult trails down the mountain as fast as you can take it.

Many obstacles, jumps, drops, rapid speeding sections and sharp curves make your ride so extreme that your insurance agent can’t take it…

However, no pain – no gain. So, let’s ride.

Spirit of DH Bike

Downhill mountain bikes are like full suspension bikes just much stronger. With their highly specific design and purpose they are specialized machines used on DH trails only.

Disc brakes, stable and durable specially designed frame and solid suspension are the main characteristics that make downhill bike so special compared with any other relatives from mountain bikes family.

Talking about similarities – DH bike is closely related only with freeride mountain bikes. Bike suspension is worth closer look.

It is impressive. And it is natural because downhill mountain bikes need to be resistant to enormous shocks and bumps.

Typically with 6 to 11 inches (15-28 cm) rear suspension and 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) suspension fork DH bike will be ready to except any challenge.

Tires are special too.

Compared to other mountain bike tires, DH tires need most traction, durability and extreme handling ability.

Usually you would like to choose soft rubber knobbed tires with extra strong sidewalls, up to 2.8 inches (7 cm) thick.

Since all these “extra” abilities add more weight and make pedaling more difficult, you won’t usually use your DH bike on other trails such as cross country or single trail.

Unless you commute downhill everyday…

What About Uphill?

Usually you go down and… leave there or use additional help to climb up the mountain again. Just like in ski resort.

Extra long suspension travel, additional weight and complicated trail make your ride uphill usually impossible. What to do? Respect traditions and push your bike up. Be more modern and use bike shuttles or chairlifts.

Finally, be highly exceptional and use…

Electric motor to drive you up. Purchase yourself a power-kit to upgrade your DH bike. You may criticize additional weight. But don’t forget the freedom that comes with your own electric wheels.

No more looking for lift-chairs or shuttles.

Protect Yourself

I didn’t mention an insurance agent just for fun. The faster you go the bigger damage it can be. Riding DH is really dangerous and requires special preparations.


Just know that you’ve prepared well when you are standing at a start line.

Use of helmet is out of question. What about usual bike helmet? You cannot do that. Buy yourself a special helmet that protects your jawbone (so called full-face helmet).

It’s important.

Otherwise your dentist will have a lot of work to do.

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself flying out of your bike? You instinctively prepare to withstand the hit with your hands.

9.8 m/s2 remember?

Get yourself special gloves to protect your hands. Elbows, knee, neck – don’t leave them alone too. Body armor and neck brace will help to sustain your body in one peace in case of crash.


You won’t find DH trail in the middle of the city. It means you go more or less into the wild. Take your bag with improvised survival kit.

First aid kit, tools and spare parts (and spare tube) traveling along with you won’t be a bad idea.

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