Ohio Bike Trails
Enough with the Railroads.
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No joke about bike on the railroad.
You will be persuaded when you come to ride on Ohio bike trails

Although the other states have railroad conversion initiatives of their own, Ohio seems to be among the leaders when we talk about railroads-to-“bikeroads” evolution.

Ohio’s Country Roads – Through Plains into Forests

Last ice age has left Ohio’s surface mostly flat.

At first sight not much fun for mountain bikers. Great Black Swamp is perhaps the most famous area in North of Ohio, yet, not very suitable for real challenges on your bike.

What brings the smile on bikers face is Allegheny Plateau in eastern Ohio.

Elevations here are significantly bigger compared with other areas in Ohio. This already looks more promising if you are looking for more active ride.

And don’t forget that summers here in Ohio are mostly hot and humid, what makes the overall feeling of the higher than actual air temperature. So, take additional water supplies for your active rides.

Finally, wear appropriate mountain bike clothing. What if you are not planning to take mountain bike challenge?

Ohio bike trails are not only hills and forests after all. Here comes the time for the famous Ohio’s paved cycling roads. Whether it is “normal” road or the one, converted from railroad, you will surely have a lot of choices here.

The Best about

Have you ever seen a railroad that goes up and down in loops?

Except rollercoaster, I believe you haven’t.

That’s why it is so convenient to get on your bike and roll on these “bike-roads”. Straight route often leading through beautiful sceneries, over rivers and swamps, through the hills without steep ups and downs...

Isn’t this something you have been looking for your relaxing ride with friends and family?

Biking tourism has found its place in Ohio. You will find a lot of restaurants, refreshment places with drinking water and shelters, places to stay overnight.

The only thing you have to do is to choose among the variety of cycling possibilities in Ohio.

Another great thing about bike trails in Ohio is their interconnection.

Just like the railroads were connected with each other, now Ohio bike trails form a widespread net. That’s really nice because you are not limited with one trail. Once you have finished the first you can jump on another and head in completely different direction.

Ohio = Bike?

This might sound a bit excessively, however it is not so.

With plenty of the cycling clubs and green initiatives (such as 2012 Bicentennial Bikeways Plan in Columbus) Ohio state is the right place to leave your car keys at home and get on your bike.

It seems that bike trails Ohio are becoming part of the cities’ infrastructure.

However, if you want to ride outside the rural areas, country roads and biking trails maintained by local cycling enthusiasts (such as Cincinnati Off Road Alliance) should be your choice.

Often with the cooperation with nature parks and preserves, Ohio bike trails will let you disappear in the Midwestern forests.

One little advice – be sure that your trail is dry before you start cycling. Due to humid Ohio climate, sometimes it is worth to wait until your singletrack is ready for use.

Otherwise you will understand the meaning of the words “Slippery when wet”.

Find your Trail in Ohio

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