Cycling Training Program
Easier than You Think

Simple Sheet of Paper Will Decide How You Will Perform
During Your Next Competition. So, Write it Well

Nothing good comes without planning. Unless you trust in coincidence. I would not suggest doing that if you want to ride that extra mile better.

So, let’s plan.

What’s the Purpose of All This?

Fair question, I would say. You have your bike. You are on your trail. So, let’s ride. Why do you need that paper called cycling training program?

However, since you entered this page, you understand the meaning of careful planning, setting objects and achieving your goals. This all makes you happy at the end of the day.

But let me begin with...

Blueprint of your cycling training program. Depending on how seriously you are into this, you should have your long-term and short-term training plans.

As the long-term plan could include up to four years of your future cycling goals (let's say winning the next Olympic games), short-term program sets your goals for the coming season.

If you are so lucky to live in a country with all-year-friendly biking conditions just take your program and start tomorrow morning.

Your cycling training program, the sheet of paper you are holding in your hands, should contain your goals for the next year (short term training plan).

What to do and when do to – these are the main questions your cycling program should answer without doubts.

If you are facing “How To Do?” question, ask bike trainers for help.

Cycles of Cycling

This is not just a game with words.

Your training results will depend on how your program will deal with various physiological systems of your body. You need to split your overall training time into several parts containing different methods and training goals.

These parts are called cycles.

The longest cycle (period of time) is called Macrocycle. Talking about short term cycling training plan it will last one year. Mesocycles are smaller parts of macrocycle just like the minutes and the hour.

Mesocycle usually lasts several weeks and contains...

Microcycles. In this case analogy would be seconds and minute. Finally, we have reached the bottom...

Microcycle contains several sessions of trainings. Each session is dedicated to different muscles and systems (cardio, muscles, breathing, etc.) of your body.

Surely, your cycling training program will differ from my program. Because we are different. We have different goals.

Anyway, just for the sake of clarity I will give you an idea what could be written on your sheet of paper.


Introduction - weight training (needs another program, however is the part of a macrocycle), swimming, running. Introduction part is like a hint for your body that it should prepare for the coming events.

Such as...

Initial training part – still weight training, cycling exercises more related with your goals. Workouts for your muscles (legs and upper body) mixed with endurance exercises.

This leads you to the Main phase of your training.

This is most intense time when you are very specific with your personal goals (be it sprint, cross country race, enduro, etc.) Hard work is guaranteed. So...

Be sure you have several lines on your paper sheet which tell “recreation time”. You are not a cycling robot (have your ever seen one?). So be friend of your body.

Timely recovery leads you to better overall results.

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