Electric Bike Batteries
What about the Heart of Your Electric Bike?

Your electricity bills will certainly rise after you plug-in
electric bicycle batteries.

But that's OK

Law of energy applies everywhere. However, knowing the character of your bike batteries will make your life easier. And your battery will be happy.

Do you see that smile?...

Types of Batteries
(and their characters...)

Let us begin with most popular and the oldest type of electric bike batteries in the market. They are called...

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Being the most popular they also have very pretentious character.

You must be very careful with maintenance of SLA batteries. Recharge them immediately after each ride.

Go home, find a recharge cable, plug-in. No matter how much power is left. Use this formula very precise and make your SLA happy.

Otherwise your battery will revenge you with less power and capacity.

One more thing. SLA electric bike batteries are heavy. So it’s very good for your strength training.

Nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries follow next. Guess what?

They need to be drained till the bottom. So is their character and nature. If you don’t run flat your NiCad accumulator, you will soon notice an unpleasant thing called “battery memory”.

This means indicator tells you that your battery is fully charged but in reality it is not so. It’s just a “memory”.

Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are closely related to NiCad. Just better. Better because they have much more capacity than NiCd and better overall performance. These batteries are not so sensitive to charge-run flat regime.

This makes you feel more comfortable and pushes NiMH batteries to the upper level compared with SLA and NiCd accumulators.


Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are the best electric bike batteries (at least at the time of writing these words) you can get these days.

These batteries have best energy density, do not complain about their memory (means no “memory effect”) and are losing their power slowly when you not use them.

The best thing – you can recharge them more than 1000 times. What comes with the Charge No. 1001?

Nothing dramatic, actually. You just begin to lose more and more capacity as your battery gets old.

Breaking the Law...

Imagine you are stopped by police because of... speed limits. I bet you would be smiling while holding the speeding ticket in your hands.

Speeding ticket for riding your bike. Wow...

Anyway, this smile may turn sad because it’s not only forbidden to exceed speed limits. It’s also forbidden to ride electric bike exceeding certain electric bike speed limits established by law.

eBike laws say you need a licence to ride a bike that is capable to achieve more than... X mph

Be nice and find this X mph accordingly to the law of your living place. Because different states (countries, continents) may set slightly different limits.

The fact is that 36v electric system allowing you to achieve about 20 mph (32 km/h) should not cause you any problems with the guardians of the law.

Be careful if you are a proud owner of 48v system. Your electric monster most probably may reach 30 mph (48 km/h) speed.

This is certainly not the speed of light. However...

Oofficers may get a bit angry. If so, you have two solutions. First – admit, that you needed a license to ride your electric vehicle.

Second – push the button and run!

You might have some chances with your 48v...

That’s it with Electric bike batteries. Continue with Electric bike

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