Bike Trainers
Just Ride Your Bike or...
Ride It Harder?

Training Choice Depends on Two Main Preferences
Human Brain or Piece of Mechanics?

Have you ever thought about cycling like something more than just leisure time activity?

Sport challenges and horizons ahead?

If so...

Physical training should be the part of your cycling experience if you’d like to go one step further.

Looking For a Human Advice?

Your muscle mass and strength is not everything. I guess you already knew this. That’s because you are visiting this site. So...

What about an advice from a person who KNOWS biking?

It may sound strange that such a simple action like cycling requires so many capabilities of yours. But it does, if you need to improve.

You need to be able to ride like a racer, even with a sprint on the last one hundred meters of your trail. You need to climb those steep hills without losing all of your breath.

And don’t forget acceleration...

As you see...

There are a lot of “to do’s” if you have decided to make your cycling little bit more professional. Too much efforts, you say? Well, in that case, take a look at comfort bicycles and don’t pay attention to the rest of this article.

Still here? Perfect!

Let’s continue with your training. If you want to achieve real results, you need an advice from cycling coach. He is the one, who prepares your training plan. All you got to do then, stick to that plan.

Because bicycle training is more than “today I ride 5 miles and tomorrow 7 miles (if it’s not raining)”.

Your body is a complex of various physiological systems. And they all need to be trained simultaneously. When you are on your bike, there are three most important systems to train – muscular, energy and cardiovascular.

Strength, speed, power, endurance. All these abilities come with the wise training plan prepared by your personal trainer after your main physiological systems get trained.

Plans prepared by personal bike trainers require some additional expenditure, off course. But it can be less than you think.

Or... let me paraphrase – your goal is worth that.

... or Rely Upon Pure Mechanics?

Yes. There is a second way to improve your physical-cycling-condition if you need to ride that extra mile with confidence. Phrase “bike trainers” can also mean...

Improvised treadmill for your bicycle. And yourself.

Just this time you will pedal instead of running.

Isn’t it amazing how many forms of fixed-place-movement humans have created during our history of fitness?


Mechanical cycling trainers are designed to keep you fit and ready to start cycling outside. Mechanical trainer could be very useful in winter, on rainy days or just on evenings after your workday.

Mix it with TV watching-magazine reading activities and you’ll get improvised home based training activity.

And that’s good. From time to time.

Because no mechanical equipment will replace a real human advice. And after that when your bike trainer (human) provides you with your personal training plan, you may use any equipment you need, including mechanical treadmill for bicycle, to keep up with the plan.

Just a few more things about mechanical trainers.

They are not suitable for knobby tires. So, if you are going to put your mountain bike on this thing, be sure you will be able to change your tires quickly.

Bicycle trainer creates resistance as you are pedaling (that’s the point of this invention). It also creates noise. Be prepared to pay more for more durable and silent equipment.

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