Mountain Bike Jerseys
Undress Your Old T-shirt
It’s Bicycle Time

Mountain Bike Jerseys Are Designed for Those Traveling With No Compromise. Forget That Cotton-Sweat Feeling

“Like Ordinary Jersey Just Better...”

I couldn’t say more. It’s better than ordinary. It provides more protection and is more comfortable.

Taking a ride on your bike you must be prepared for any unexpected conditions. No matter is it your everyday commuting trail or weekends cross country race.

So, what’s so special about biking jerseys, anyway?

Protection. From wind, sun, water, moisture, cold and sweat. Sounds too good to be true? Nope, it’s true. And you can also add one more benefit – better visibility on the road. But first things first...

Modern technologies make it possible.

The outer layer made from hi-tech fabric mixed with natural merino inner layer could be a perfect example. It's warm and keeps water away from your skin.

If you don’t need extra warmth, select a simple one layer fabric.

It still offers wind- and sunshield and keeps your body dry. Sweat can vapor away and moisture won’t stay on your skin.

This could not happen with your good old cotton T-shirt.

Not too Tight and
Not too Loose

Jersey that fits is your goal.

So, remember one thing if you have doubts about the size of your next mountain bike jersey, take one size bigger.

It’s because mountain bike clothing like most sporting apparel are tend to be tighter than casual wear.

Not too much skintight unless you want to feel like trapped and constrained in any way.

And not too loose.

Otherwise your jersey begins to work like a sail on sailboat. Only this time holding you back but not pulling you forward.

Again, if in doubt, pick one size up.

If your doubts came into reality, be sure your seller accepts no-additional-cost returns and will be able to change the size of your jersey according to your needs.

Ventilation Matters

Your mountain bike jersey will surely be made from modern fabric to keep you dry and warm. However, more conventional means are important as well.

Long sleeves or short sleeves?

Don’t rush to decide for short sleeves if you are cycling in sunny conditions.

Sun can be dangerous and sunscreen not at your site. The same applies to protection from accidental scratches on your way.

That’s where long sleeves do their job and protect you better than short sleeves.

And if you need more airflow...

Here comes the zipper. Choose zipper length and let the refreshing breeze in. Or zip it up for warmth on those rainy windy days.

I would say biking jersey with long sleeves and a zipper is a really universal and wise choice.

Visible Like Orange on Black

You probably wouldn’t have problems to notice the orange on black table.

That’s what you need from your biking apparel. Visibility. And that’s where your creativity and free-mind may play their role. Don’t be shy to select shining and shrilling colors of your biking jersey.

And be sure your jersey comes with light reflection materials for your night rides.

Some say it’s stylish. Maybe, I don’t mind.

The thing is that electric-orange, yellow, red and similar colors and paintings on your jersey will make you more visible than grey-black palette. Unless your cycling trails go through Sahara...

Visible biker means safer biker. Everyone’s happy.

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