Mountain Bike Tours
Just Across the Forest or
Around the World?

So, You Need Some Fresh Air?
It’s the Right Time for Unstoppable Mountain Bike Tours

Get bored with those lazy Sunday rides and could ride your daily trail with your eyes closed?

If so, this situation requires immediate actions of yours. Have you ever thought about bike tours? You should.

It is time for your mountain biking vacation.

Beauty or Challenge?

Looking for a fresh breath of nature? Wild country, fresh air, your trail and your bike. I think it is called Beauty. That’s something so rare in these running office-duty-days.

So, take your time and dive into the wild. More or less.

Well, you see, the “level” of wildness depends on you. Sometimes one day is more than enough. Sometimes the whole week is too short to reach that horizon.

No matter whether you ride just across the forest or take your adventure trip around the world. There is always something There for beauty-seekers.

And what about challenge?

I’m glad you asked. Depending on your physical condition and biking skills there is always a trail waiting for you (if you can’t find – make your own like the guys here on SingeTraction ). Mountain bike tours can lead you through the most challenging terrain you could ever imagine.

Be it steep hills or serious drop-downs.

Sometimes even one day long ride through the fields on country side may take all your strength away. It is really possible scenario if you are taking your bike out just a couple times per month.

However, I believe you have just decided to take action.

So be it. There are thousands of mountain bike tours all around the world.

Finally, what will you choose – beauty or challenge? Relax. Actually, you will get them both. And that proud feeling at the end of your trail, too.

Nice bonus.

Prepare to Be Prepared

Congratulations! First step is made. You have just decided to take a mountain bike tour (I presume so...) Now it is time to prepare.

Good preparation is worth a lot. So pay attention to that. Think about details.

The Three Things

Here I will try to emphasize three very important things which require your attention before your adventure begins (however, there may be another ten very important things depending on your trail...)

First. Weather. Think about your clothes.

Weather doesn’t care that you are on vacation. So, don’t let the weather conditions ruin something that you have planned so long. Be it rain or sun (sunscreen is a must)

Both can be too much. That’s why correct mountain bike clothing is essential.

Avoid cotton. Learn more about mountain bike clothing here.

Second. Gear. Think about the necessaries.

Some organizers of mountain bike tours offer you a service to carry your bags and stuff from one camping place to another. You just need to ride. However most probably you will have to carry all your stuff with you. In your backpack.

So, don’t try to be a packhorse. Only the necessaries are worth your sweat.

Third. Mechanics (means your bike). Think about its condition.

Biking tour is about riding your bike on the long distance. Broken bike, no fun. Simple. Think carefully about the condition of your bike. If you have a feeling it is not doing well, perhaps is it better to rent a bike for your cycling tour?

If you are confident with your machine, check all important parts twice, however. Replace worn-out details. Take some spare parts and tools compatible with your bike.

You never know what waits ahead. That’s why we call it a challenge.

P.S. have I mentioned you to grab a couple of spare tubes and a pump?

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