Mountain Bike Gloves
Your Second Skin When you
Need it Most

Mountain Bike Gloves are Water -and Windproof Second Skin on Your Hands. You Need Them if You Ride Mountain Bike

Or do You Have Any Better Ideas?

Better idea would be never fall from your bike, be very careful, cycle only when the weather conditions are nice and other things like that.

I’m afraid it’s not possible. So…

Let’s take a closer look at your second skin.

Types and Occasions

Depending on your riding habits and conditions you would like to choose between half-fingered and full-fingered mountain bike gloves.

Let us begin with more common choice…

Half-fingered gloves As the name suggests these gloves are designed to protect your hand and… half of your fingers.

What about second half of them? It’s your choice.

Most likely you will choose half-fingered gloves on not so aggressive rides. So the chances of injuries are smaller.

And you get all the other protection bonuses – wind, sun, cold, occasional scratches and scrapes, all package of benefits follows you on your ride.

Not enough?...

Full-fingered gloves You get what you see. “Normal” gloves specialized for mountain biking. Cooler weather, more dangerous cycling conditions leave you with one choice… full-fingered gloves.

Cozy and warm.

That’s how I would describe the feeling when you put them on. Usually stronger materials, better protection from wind and moisture make you ride much comfortable and safer. The only drawbacks of these mountain bike gloves are less flexibility and worse ventilation.

However, these drawbacks may be significantly reduced using better materials. As always, better materials means more expensive gloves.

Anyway, with advanced fabrics you may get full protection without sacrificing utility.

It means you will be able to handle your bike’s gear and brakes without loss of sensibility. Also don’t forget those little buttons on your bike computer. And using of your mobile phone with your gloves on.

Or executing on-road reparation works and handling your tools.

It’s all about flexibility of your full-fingered gloves.

Bonuses of Your Gloves

Protection. Warmth. Comfort. These are the main bonuses for you. And they come from…

Special materials. Synthetic fabric will help to keep your arms dry while absorbing sweat. Fabric also offers better protection from injuries.

Mixed together with nylon or other materials it will give you more comfortable feeling and even possibility to wipe away sweat from your forehead.

Pads filled with gel serve as a micro suspension system for your hands. Reducing the constant vibrations and rub between grips and your hands.

Just pay attention to the size of these “gel-pads”.

To thick pads will be soft but… already uncomfortable and less flexible.

You can also find cycling gloves with wrist strap. It helps you to get your gloves off, usually turning them inside out.

But that may be the only way to get them out without ripping apart. Especially when your gloves are very thin.


pay attention to cuffs of your gloves. Longer but flexible cuffs allows you to “connect” your gloves with your jersey when the weather is cold.

And… turn them down when you need more ventilation than warmth. Really useful.

Choose Your Size Carefully...

Too tight? Send your mountain bike gloves immediately back to seller and get bigger size. Size matters much. Use the sizing guidelines carefully when you buy online.

And… remark from my personal experience… usually you will be doing well with gloves one size bigger than sizing table indicates you.

Skintight gloves may cause you problems.

Firstly, it will take irritating long to take them off your hands. Secondly, constant discomfort feeling and possible restriction of your blood circulation causing numbness of your hands.

Avoid that.

And don’t wait until your gloves will “expand” after several rides. Simply send them back and take one size bigger.

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