Vintage Mountain Bikes
The Old Comes New
Attention, Biking Gourmets

Vintage Bikes Confirm the Phrase “Time is Money”
Only this Time You Are Not in a Hurry.

On Contrary – Just sit and Wait until Your Bike gets Older

What is Vintage, Anyway?

Vintage is a word indicating something old or antique. That’s it? Nope.

Why would you like to buy old stuff when you can get brand new? I believe it may be difficult to find an antique mountain bike… 

But still you can buy something from golden 80’ies or 90’ies.

Why would you like to do that?

Money saver?

Certainly not. Here comes the feeling. When you buy a vintage mountain bike, you acquire a small part of biking history.

You touch something that is rare. No pop.

And that makes you feel Exceptional. Bingo. That’s the answer.

When talking about vintage it is not difficult to fall into another category of mountain bikes – used mountain bikes. All Vintage Mountain Bikes are considered to be used.

So, what exactly adds that exceptional and proud “vintage” feeling?

What Makes Them “Vintage”?

Age – years add value. And rust. In most cases mountain bikes designed in 80’s or 90’s will already be considered as vintage mountain bikes.

Depending on condition bike from the “last century” will certainly be a candidate to a “vintage” nomination.

Is a bike made in ’87 and priced over 3000 USD already a “vintage value”? I believe it is.

Brand trademark adds value in human mind. A bike from once famous bike manufacturer which is no longer in biking business is already worth something.

The same brand is still famous today?

Even better. Just imagine you get the very first apple phone ever made… (although I do not call apple phones “vintage”…).

Limited editions – limited means “not for all”. Vintage bike from limited edition already means highly exceptional purchase.

It could be special paint job, higher class of components or unusual technical decisions, even signature of once famous biker.


It all becomes valuable during long time.

Made In I suppose you will spend your money more willingly for Made in USA, Made in Germany or Made in Japan vintage bikes. Cheap production countries such as China and Taiwan won’t add so much additional value to your vintage toy.

Original details – 69’er Ford Mustang sounds better than 69’er Ford Mustang with tuned new Chevrolet engine. The same applies to vintage bikes.

Original parts are valuable. Fix them if possible.

What Should You Expect?

Unless your target bicycle has recently been overhauled, you may need to do more than just cleaning work and lubrication. Be ready that your new toy may have scratches, dents, paint damages, rust, broken or missing parts, etc.

This fun is guaranteed for you. But that was your choice.

Let’s start re-building… Find out the manufacturer/brand of your bike.

This will ease your efforts to find spare parts or share experience with your biking vintage-colleagues.

Additional manuals, original pictures, schemes and expert advices will also be very useful.

If you are ready to pay more, you will certainly find a vintage mountain bikes already tuned and reassembled by the experts.

Just ride it as it is. You won’t need to spend the next few months in your garage. Anyway, part of joy-of-creation will be lost.

That’s it. Your hard work and extra investments have paid out. Let me shake your hand. Now you are the proud owner of vintage mountain bike.

Prepare to feel exceptional.

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