Adventure Cycling
Have You Ever Been a Part of an Adventure?

Do You Think Riding a Heavily Loaded Bike
10 Hours a Day and Sleeping in a Tent is Fun?

You are Right!

Before we start speaking about adventures we need to come to an understanding. It is simple.

It’s called “Everyone sees adventure in his own way”. However, speaking about the adventure biking generally means speaking about long journeys on your bike.


Where Do You Want to Go Today?

First time adventure cycling? My advice for you would be don’t overdo with the length of your trail. Couple of overnights in a tent should suffice. For now.

You will reach that horizon next time. It’s your holyday not a hard training session or competition after all.

Understand me correctly. I’m not saying you couldn’t make it up until horizon. However, pedaling the whole day with all your stuff, sleeping in a tent and pedaling again can be to intensive.


Take your time before the journey and analyze your trail.

If you are considering one of those “cycling-prepared” trails you should find a clear evaluation about the difficultness of each of them.

Up to the Next Level

Depending on the trail keeper you may find something similar to the gradation I’m giving you in few words below. In all cases daily distance and terrain specifics will be the main differences between different trail levels.

Level 1 – simply an entry level or lazy weekend fun with your friends or family. Up to 30 miles (about 50 km) and flat terrain will make your adventure cycling more than relaxed. Take your camera with you for those moments.

Level 2 – you ride more intense and your trail is more difficult. Depending on general terrain conditions, level 2 requires more efforts and cycling experience.

This level could be a challenge already if you are a mountain biking beginner. Be ready for up to 45 miles (about 70 km) daily rides.

Level 3 – you call yourself a mountain biker. You are trained and experienced enough (I’m not saying you need to be cycling professional) to make a 60 miles (about 100 km) on difficult single trail with many up-hills and down-hills.

Surely, these three levels are very general.

You may find various differences since many people have very different understanding about what is a “difficult biking trail” and adventure cycling.

However, use these guidelines to find more detailed information about your planned adventure.

How Do You Want to Go There?

You need more durable mountain bike if you choose a trail with dominating off-road, rocks, woods and other wild nature attributes.

Anyway this doesn’t mean you need to buy yourself a hi-end expedition bike.

Consider a hardtail mountain bike or a hybrid bike with a steel frame. Strong frame and wider bike tires are necessary when you are preparing for the adventure cycling.

Avoid narrow tires and you will get much more stable off-road ride. It’s good to feel confident. Especially when you are going into the wild.

Your bike decision also depends on the weight of your valet.

Just not so direct this time. If you are going to stay in hostels on your way it means you need more money to spend and less weight to carry with you.

On contrary, if you take your tent, food, water and all the necessaries with you to stay in the wild, more durable bike with strong frame is required.

All set up?

Perfect. See you on your adventurous way! And remember one thing that enjoyable bonus will wait for you at home.

What is that?

The pure pleasure of hot shower and sleeping in your own bed. Yep. We are the children of civilization.

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