Mountain Bike Clothing is Not About “You Ride as You Look”.
It’s About Comfort

Mountain Bike Clothing –

How to Add Comfort, Safety and Style in One Place?
Enjoy Features Which Your Old Blue Jeans Cannot Offer

Compared with casual wearing, mountain biking clothes are more comfortable, durable, offer better...

protection from sun, wind and water

...dry faster and even have anti-bacterial layers for your protection.

Are you sure you would like to refuse all these extra comfort and safety bonuses that you get wearing special mountain bike clothing?

I’m sure you wouldn’t. And that “style” thing, too. Everything plays its role.

Every stitch counts. So…

Let’s Begin With Your Legs

Biking shoes. You cycle with your tennis shoes? Why not. However, if you are looking for more comfortable cycling, you would like to get yourself a brand new mountain bike shoes. Here’s what you need to decide…

Decision one - one-pair-fits-all. It means that your biking shoes will be suitable for riding and walking too.

Select shoes with no or recessed metal cleats and softer sole for this purpose.

Decision two - decided to have clipless pedals on your bike? Surely, you will sacrifice a bit of walking comfort.

But that’s ok.

Just make sure you didn’t forget to take a second pair walking shoes with you if you are going for a longer touring-camping trip.

Follow this link to learn more about mountain bike shoes

Biking shorts. Don’t expect one single decision here. It all depends on your needs. More casual?

Choose baggy shorts. They look like “normal” shorts, however, offer you much more comfort. Comfort comes from synthetic sitting pad inside of shorts. And don’t forget all those useful pockets with zippers for your precious stuff.

Usual biking shorts are much tighter in order to reduce air resistance as much as possible. They are like your second skin. They repeat the shape of your body.

Though, less durable on hard rides especially if your path goes through bushes and branches…

Follow this link to learn more about mountain bike shorts

...Continue With Your Torso...

Biking Jersey. Less sweat. More Comfort. I’m talking here about comfort all the time. But that’s what cycling clothes really are.

Special mountain bike clothing takes you to the next dressing level.

Way over casual wear.

So, what’s so special about cycling jerseys?

Less sweat. Synthetic fabrics ensure your body is ventilated well. It lets the sweat to vapor out from your skin without withholding moisture.

Another special ability – it won’t let the wind blow through your wear. So, it also protects you from getting cold. Perfect. Another nice little thing – pockets. Keys, mobile phone other little stuff – it all can safely travel with you.

And don’t forget to be seen on the road.

Especially, if you are a daily commuter. I’m not talking about style here. It’s for your own safety.

Shining and shrilling colors (yellow is my favorite!) help to get attention from the other people on your road.

Check the useful information about mountain bike jerseys

...End Up With Your Head

Helmet. Last but not least. Doesn’t matter whether you are commuter, country roads lover or a freerider. You need a decent helmet. It belongs to mountain bike clothing.

Yes, I agree. Your helmet may look like a huge mushroom fallen on your head. However, I prefer mushroom-looks more than medical bandage-looks.

Follow the link to know more about mountain bike helmets

What About Your Hands?

We didn’t forget them. Guess which part of your body instinctively seeks... protect the rest of your body in case you will find yourself flying out of your bike?

Yep. Your hands. It can be painful.

So, you need second skin on your hands. Not only for safety. For riding comfort, protection from sun and cold as well.

Find more useful information here about mountain bike gloves

So, Once Again...

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