I About Me

Hi, cycling friend!

It is really nice to welcome you here, at my MountainBikesMenu.com

My name is Marijus and I ride bikes since I was a kid. It is my hobby. It is my commuting vehicle. It is my inspirational leisure time activity.

To put it simple – I love bikes. Especially mountain bikes. But let me begin, well… from the beginning.

Since we share the same hobby, let me show you my biking career.

My Biker’s CV

Long long time ago the time has come for a little boy to crawl out of his cradle, get on his bike and... hit the road.

Around the kitchen table.

Although biking trail named kitchen table-living room was really inspiring, finally I felt thirsty for new challenges.

Biker's CV

The time has come to hit the road again.

In order not to hit the road literally, I equipped my bike with some special cycling gear.

Highly recommended powerful stuff indeed!

Biker's CV

Things were just right, and the time has come to expand my cycling horizons once again.

I guess it is called maturation. Anyway, I have decorated my bike with...

OK, let’s be honest... It wasn’t that crazy like in this picture! Anyway, I kept on going and...

BIker's CV

Big Day!

My first mountain bike. Hit me like a thunder. I was amazed. My parents were delighted with my reaction, too.

I still have this good-old-buddy with me. I even ride it from time to time. No matter it is old. I mean really old. But it gives me that going-back-home feeling every time.


Biker's CV

Where am I heading to?

Sorry for romantics, but it’s a kind of freedom when you are on your bike. Feel free to choose your path.

Will you join me?


P.S. feel free to contact me anytime, any-question. I promise to answer you in 48 hours

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