Best Electric Bike
Cheap, Long Range and Lightweight
Do You Think It’s Possible?

Knowing what is “best” for your friend
is not automatically the “best” for you.

What I want to say is that "Best electric bicycle review" may not always be suitable for you, your needs and expectations. However, I know you like concrete arguments not philosophic reasoning.


Here are the most important things you should look for in your best electric bike.

Overall Quality (read reviews...)

Really. Read reviews. But assess them carefully.

Have you ever noticed how many goods on Amazon or eBay have equally “best” and “worst” ratings? What does it tell you?

It tells you to use your human judgment when you make your final decision. Anyway, no secret, some electric bikes will be better than other and that’s the truth.

So, how to decide? To some extent the price factor will help you.

As mentioned in this article about cheap electric bikes, reasonable “above-bellow” point for brand new electric bike is something around 1500 USD. It’s expensive to be modern.

Yet, keep this amount in mind when you will consider among several choices.

Warranty is the next indicator telling you some truth about the overall quality of electric bike. Two years warranty should assure you that your bike will be in the upper category of quality.

Riding Range (decide yourself...)

Actually it depends on the capacity of the battery. And the capacity of the battery is proportional to the price.


If you live let’s say 5 miles from your office or school, I guess the best electric bike for you should be the bike that may bring you there and back without charging for a couple of days.

This theoretical one-charge-range may vary from 20-50 miles (~32-80 km) on assisted pedaling regime to 14-28 miles (~22-45 km) riding completely electric.

Why theoretical? Because it depends on dozen of factors, such as your weight, steepness of your daily trail and even weather conditions.

The choice is yours.

... and What About “the Best” Price?

Well, 1200-1500 USD entry level price certainly won’t sound like a best choice for everyone’s budget.

However, it doesn’t mean that a cheaper choice will necessarily disappoint you. You just need to make some quality and battery capacity compromises.

Talking about quality, find more about electric bike batteries here. It’s important since the battery is one of the key parts of your electric bike. That leads us to one important point – be careful with the compromises regarding battery price.

So, don’t be tempted by “the best price offers” immediately. Evaluate your needs. Read customers reviews.

Be sure your bike has at least decent warranty. Understand that there are dozens of factors that can make one particular bike “best” for you.

Keep in mind these guidelines and you will surely find the best electric bike of your own.

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