Used Electric Bike
Should You Pay for It?

Used Electric Bike -
Electric Horse with some Miles Already Behind It

What if you're considering a used electric bike because you don’t want to spend your entire savings on a new electric bike?

What if you think you pay only for the brand but not for the real quality when you buy new?

What if...

Several Reasons and “What if’s”

Electric bike dealers will always offer you a brand new electric bike. That’s their job. But what if...

  • You fell in love with certain electric bike model that’s no longer in stock
  • Electric bike kit has disappointed you (means you selected a wrong kit...)
  • You’d like to test a “cheaper option” before investing money into a new electric bike

Having in mind these questions and the price average of the new upper class electric bikes, idea to purchase used electric bike really becomes more reasonable.

Money-Value Ratio

Like with any “used-purchase” I recommend you to evaluate money-value ratio first.

If the bike is ready for use after you purchase it or it requires some cosmetic reparation only, the money-value ratio should be OK.

Your used electric bike will save your money because it costs less but still offers relatively the same value and performance as a new electric bike.

When this ratio is not OK?

It’s not OK when the amount of investments you need to do in order to have a normally functioning bike takes you to the price category similar to the new entry level electric bikes.

If your used electric bike will save you, say, 300 USD compared with a new one, is it really worth your efforts?

If your answer is YES...

It’s Still a Bike, So be Sure You Check...

... all the things you would normally check when buying ordinary bike. First impression is very important.

So be sure you have seen as much photos (or better video) as possible of your prospective bike. Heck, ask the owner to film it and send it to you. Use the advantages of the internet era.

Having as much visual data as possible, you should check:

Frame – fractures, serious scratches and similar damages are not welcome. Seat tube, head tube and bottom bracket are the most sensitive areas. Pay attention to them.

Chainwheels and sprockets – sharp shapes of the teeth mean that you will need to visit your bike dealer soon. Pedals, chain, chainwheels and sprockets are still important parts of your electric bike.

Rust – avoid that. Rusted bike’s condition most likely won’t be worth the money you are going to pay.

Additionally, get as much information as possible about electric installation of the bike. Any documentation, instructions, service receipts and similar data? Still valid warranty perhaps? This would be perfect.


Be ready to invest more and buy a new battery any time soon. You will never know its condition until you try it yourself.

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