Mountain Bike Training
Your Trails Require Some
Extra Efforts

Off Road Requires More Bike Handling Skills than Road Trails
That’s Why You Need Mountain Bike Training

No offence, road biking enthusiasts. I really have nothing against road biking. Anyway, you do not jump over the obstacles or climb off road uphill between trees when you’re on road bike.

The story is different with mountain bikes...

So, Where to Begin and What to Do?

Everything counts what you have read (or you will read) about Bike trainers or Strength training for cycling. However, this time you will need to split your training sessions into two parts. First part – strength endurance and pure strength are required, so...

Prepare for a hard gym work. And long endurance rides. This part is very important.

You will do no good on trail if your muscles and cardiovascular system won’t be properly prepared for your mountain biking hobby. Next...

Here comes the fun part.

Second part – mountain biking skills. Again, this is not the asphalt trail. You need to know how to do the specific technical handling work.

Your biking skills should include ability to handle difficult trails in various conditions. Dust, rain, snow or mud – you will be there.

This means you need to develop...

Your Mountain Biking Skills

Obstacles. Obstacles and... guess what? More obstacles.

Mountain bike training should make you confident when dealing with various bumps, stones, trees and deer on your way. Don’t walk across obstacles. Ride over them.

What skills am I talking about?

Uphill and downhill techniques. Line choices (that line between the trees can be very thin...). Balance techniques, drop offs and cornering techniques should be in the collection of your skills.

Even your braking habits may influence your ride. Have you ever noticed how many fingers you use to pull your brakes?

Three? Four? No good.

You should stick to one-finger-braking technique. In this case you’ll have three other fingers left holding the bar. This results in better handling or even better gear shifting ability.

Don’t let your little fingers do the entire steering job. It can be dangerous. And your hand will get tired during long rides.


We can talk all day (or night) long about theory, but practice is something that you need to learn the theories.

Find yourself a decent trail and begin. Nice and slowly. Balancing, cornering, getting over the rocks. Maneuvering between trees. Steep uphills and downhills should also be included into your bicycle training menu.


If you have run into the same tree five times in a row, don’t risk the sixth.

Find yourself a mountain bike trainer. Or ask your friend to tell you more about mountain bike riding techniques. Everything is achievable. It only takes time and efforts.

In simple words...

Mountain bike training is strength (you need to get off your bike for this) and endurance training plus skills training.

Finally, I presume I don’t need to remind you to wear your bike helmet during your bike training?

Believe me, your head is the single most important organ of your body which enables you to use your skills and conquer that highest mountain.

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