Mountain Bike Fenders
No More Skunk-Stripe on your Back! Really?...

Bike Fenders – Simple but Important Bike Part
If you Think That Water and Mud Stripes on
Your Back don't Look Sexy

Weather is unpredictable. Anyway, your sixth sense tells you about wet and dirty conditions ahead. And you really don’t think that a “skunk stripe” on your back after rainy ride looks good on you.

Don’t you agree?

Let us talk about mountain bike fenders.

Do They Help?

Well, it depends. Depends on amount of water and mud around you. If it’s raining cats and dogs no mountain bike fenders in the world will save you from coming home dirty.

Anyway, let’s say, in general bike fenders is a good idea. Especially after the rain when your trail is still wet.

Also, on muddy surfaces mountain bike fenders is a must.

They keep your legs, back and even your face clear (at least clearer…) from sticky mud and dirt flying all around you. For better protection you would like to get both - front fender and rear fender for your bike.

Are they looking not so cool on that Hi-end bike of yours? Fenders manufacturers have thought about that.

Choice is yours…

From basic plastic plates to Hi-end looking protection made from quality materials. From minimalist’s solution to large full fenders.


I believe you still remember those heavy metal fenders on older bikes. Since comfort bicycles still use them happily, you won’t find them on modern mountain bikes.

All weather techno polymers and other stiff plastics (sometimes rubberized) offer more flexibility, less weight and more durability for your mountain rides.


Be sure, you will do better in any case, if your fenders will have less moving parts. More moving parts cause greater friction. This finally may result in fenders left broken on your road.

More moving parts may also cause more noise, especially in aggressive rides.

Fixing Systems

In case your plan is to “wear” bike fenders only occasionally, you should pay attention to various fixing systems. Many manufacturers highlight “super easy, one mili-second” put on and take off attachment systems as a big benefit.

I totally agree.

It is a great benefit. Just be sure any bad person won’t use this benefit too.

I’m talking especially about commuting bikes left for longer time alone locked somewhere outside.

Take your fenders with you, if you own quick release system.

If quick release benefit is not so important to you, consider fenders that are not so easy to take off. Of course they won’t be as easy to put as well.


Keep this issue in mind, since not all fenders’ producers think universally. Anyway, most likely you will find fender sets compatible with most 26”-28” mountain bike wheels, designed for both – trekking and mountain bikes.

Secure attachment to any seatpost compatibility with front mountain bike fork , fastening to different tube diameters, V-brake compatibility.

These issues are generally solved by universal fender sets.

Anyway, note that universal-kind of-staff may sometimes have not so universal technical moments. In that case, use your imagination and don’t be afraid to customize it.

I personally ride with a rear fender firmly fixed to my seat tube (it was intended to be universal seatpost fixing system, though…).

Just don’t forget your utility knife and screwdriver.

Go Long or Stay Minimal?

Longer fenders cover more tire surface and protects better. Anyway, full fenders may not suit your suspension system.

Commuting mountain bike should have no problems with full fenders. But if you are DH fan – try minimalist’s solution. You may also look for flared tail fenders, as they catch flying dirty objects even better…

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