Electric Mountain Bike
Downhill Up! Story about Power

eMTB - Ordinary Mountain Bike with Special Abilities
Release the Power of Your Thumb!

“Power of Your Thumb?”

Yes. Exactly.

Ordinary mountain bike relies only upon power of your legs. Choose electric mountain bike and your thumb will become as much important.

There is no mystic here. Switching the “ON-OFF” button is all you need to do with your finger. ON and you get the energy boost you always needed for those extra hard parts of your trail. OFF and you are back to “normal” ride.

Downhill Up! Well, this is perfect. You won’t waste your precious cycling moments waiting for a lift-chair to take you and your bike up the hill again.

Remember the power of your thumb? Simply push ON and you are riding uphill all by yourself.

Let the others wait.

What’s Inside Your Bike?

At first glance, there is nothing so special. Just ordinary mountain bike parts. However, that’s just first impression.

Hub motor and battery pack accompanied with wires and switches are the additional parts making “ordinary” bike into e-bike. Find additional information about electric bike motor here.

It is green, comfortable and efficient.

Efficient enough to take you somewhere between 25-60 miles (40-96 km) without any significant input with your legs.

However, be careful with that idea to travel 60 miles. Most likely you won’t be able to travel so far using your electric mountain bike.


Mountain biking trails may vary from easy cross country ride from extreme ups and downs with many obstacles on your way. Riding conditions significantly change the range you can travel “electric”.

And that’s where technology finds solution...

Pedaling assistance system. The name tells you two things. First, you need to pedal. That’s why you purchased you bike after all. Second, you’ll get assistance.

This system determines your pedaling power and provides assistance to your efforts. In short...

the more power from your legs, the more additional power from electric motor.

Look for Lithium batteries if you are ready to invest more.

Li batteries weigh significantly less than ordinary lead batteries. This is important since you need to save every pound of your bike if you want better performance and more comfortable ride in off-road conditions.

Read more about batteries here.

Money Talk

Looking for electric mountain bike you may end up with totally different price levels.

No surprise, since the quality, parts and electric kit of the bike may vary significantly.

Depending on your decision to upgrade your current bike with electric kit or to buy a completely new machine you need to have from 400 USD up to, well, let’s say something around 2000 USD in your pocket.

Too much?

Consider electric conversion kit instead of complete electric bike.

With 400 USD you can already turn your mountain bike into electric power machine.

Like always, don’t be tempted by cheap electric mountain bikes. If you don’t have enough funds, look for a kit with electric bike motor and a battery. Attach it to your bike and you are ON already.

Technology costs some money. Quality costs more.

Fast. Electric. Furious

You’re driving 35-40 miles (56-64 km) per hour. Red and blue lights accompanied with the siren are behind you. Scenario of an action movie?

Not necessary.

Riding an e-mountain bike can bring you into such situation. Since the technologies emerge, electric mountain bikes become faster and faster. This is fun.

This is dangerous, too. However, I’m not your insurance agent and you understand the danger of speed yourself.

One thing I would like to tell you, though...

Double check the law of your country. Find out if the bike you are willing to buy is street legal. Are there any licensing requirements?

Do this, unless you want to experience that action movie scenario described above.

In United States, for example, you are considered riding a bike, if its speed (without your input) doesn’t exceed 20 mph (32 km per hour).

And now, let’s get back to fun side...

Imagine you are approaching a hard uphill riding biker which is not aware of the “updates” of your bike. Push the button, add some pedaling work and... leave your fellow biker far behind you without any idea what happened.

Have fun!

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