Bicycle Exercise
Going Up the Pyramid

Cycling Exercise Most Likely Isn’t Something
You Have Done at School.

Well, it’s Never too Late

Every aspect of cycling training must be evaluated, especially if you didn’t do any biking workouts before. From the bottom to the top. Imagine your exercises as a building.

That’s right – as a pyramid. So...

Let Me See That Pyramid!

Let’s start with the foundation. Strength, speed, power, endurance. These are the goals of your hard workout sessions. To achieve that you need to begin building your pyramid with strength and aerobic exercises.

After initial training phase you take one step up to more intense anaerobic training and specific biking exercises (sprint, endurance etc., depending on your needs and plans).

What is anaerobic training, anyway?

Anaerobic training are exercises that trigger anaerobic metabolism in your physiological systems. Clear enough?

For me it is not...

Anyway, all we need to know is that metabolism is a good process that allows your cells to grow, reproduce and... most important – react to the changing environment.

And that environment really begins to change when you start climbing your pyramid up until you reach the peak. So...

Anaerobic metabolism is a process in your body you need to provoke with your bicycle exercise. It is worth the efforts. Muscle mass, strength, speed – these are the main outcomes of a good cycling training program.

Now, just to give you an idea what exactly does this pyramid (although very schematic and primitive) mean...

You see different training types I have mentioned above.

Letter A stands for the general amount of your bicycle exercise. You notice that bottom part with strength training and aerobic is larger than the other two.

It means this will be the main part of your workouts.

And letter B shows you how much time you will spend on each section. The closer to the top, the less amount of your time it requires.

Several Tips Before You Start

It is simply impossible to put all the important “do’s and don’ts” in this one page. And I’m surely no professional trainer.

If you are considering a real professional training session, you should contact a personal trainer or take a look at some already pre-written bicycle exercise programs.


In all cases your training program will contain exercises for leg strength and speed strength training. The same pyramid type of training (what a practical architectural form, indeed!) is involved when we speak about strength exercises.

Only this time we have weight and reps on the diagram.

Reach the top of the pyramid by increasing weight and reducing repeats of your heavy lifting exercises. This doesn’t come from the first session. Be patient. Your body needs to get used to strength workouts.

As said above strength is only one part of the glorious company of “strength, speed, power, endurance”. Read more about strength training here.

And what about the rest of the company?

Well, it depends on how real you want to get into this. Read some sports literature, contact professional trainer or consider a pre-written bicycle exercise program.

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