Electric Bike Motor
XXI Century’s Explosion
No Need For Legs’ Power Anymore?

Electric Bicycle Motor Is All About Energy Swap. It Gives You A Boost When You Need It Most

You Charge It With Pedals

“Some Points About Legs’ Power”

Bike is one-man’s-power equipment. Does introduction of electric bike motor changes everything?

Not exactly. You wouldn’t call it “a bike” otherwise. Those pedals are not just for keeping your legs in riding position. You still need pedals for their original purpose.

If you don’t want to pedal at all, get yourself a moped!

And if you stay loyal to cycling let’s see how your legs work in tandem with your electric bike motor. You will pedal, of course. Electric motor bike serves you as your very own energy boost gear.

It is particularly comfortable when you have “that hill” on your everyday road where you get sweat all over your body and need to capture your breath after you arrive at school or office.

Now, all you have to do is “push that button”. And you are on top. Nope, it’s not sporty at all…

So, turn your gear OFF and let your legs do their job when you need fitness exercise more than fresh looks. And one more reason you would like to use your legs...

More advanced electric bike motor lets you to charge it right on your way.

Finally, even gentle pedaling extends the battery life even when your motor is ON.

Motor Inside Your Wheel

It is called hub motor. The motor itself and the batteries are installed direct on your wheel and in your wheel hub.

Anyway, more likely you will select more common choice and have your batteries placed on the rack of the frame of your electric motor bike.

Controlling switches on handlebars and some wiring to the motor are also left outside. Keep looking for an e-bike with all wires and cables put inside of the frame.

It will cost you more money, though.

But what you get is a bike without obvious electric wires and cables. Better looks if you are prepared to pay for it.

“I Need Electric Power...”

That’s right. Electric power is what you need. So, how do you get it and where do you store it?

First answer may consist from several parts, depending on level and gear

of your e-bike. All batteries are chargeable of course.

So most usual way to let your legs rest is to plug your battery into the grid when you at home, school or office (just don’t tell your boss he is paying for your commuting, though...)

Charge time depends on your battery quality. Usually at least several hours are required to load “the heart” of your electric bike motor.

You can shorten this time by using...

...additional means...

Energy swap. That’s how I call it. You simply pedal your bike and dynamo of your e-motor stores this energy on battery.

Depending on your speed and battery characteristics you may charge up to 20 per cent battery this way. Even braking power may be used to send some energy back to battery.

Solar energy. Well this sounds good, isn’t it? Your bike powered with solar energy!

Since this possibility is still rear you will need additional technical skills to install solar cells and connect them with battery.

Talking About Batteries...

It’s the most expensive part of e-bike. So, be careful when you leave your bike. Or better take battery with you.

And there is one more question you need to answer yourself. Do you prefer less weight and cheaper battery but accept shorter travel range?

Or do you choose more weight, bigger price and longer range.

It’s up to you.

Measure your possibly daily distance for easier answer.

You will get lithium-iron (Li/Fe) batteries if you are ready to invest more. Compared with cheaper lead batteries, biggest advantage of Li/Fe is a weight.

With 5-7 kilos of weight Li/Fe leave lead batteries far behind (lead battery may weigh up to 14 kilos and even more).

Talking About Law...

Finally, depending on your country of residence, take into account the fact that the power of your e-motor may be limited to some particular power limit (in watts).

Don’t cross the line between electric motor bike and e-motorcycle. No need to say you need a license to drive the last-mentioned.

Finished with Electric Bike Motor. Proceed with Electric bike

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