Long Range Electric Bike
How Far Will You Ride Today?
Expand Your Limits of Imagination

I used to grab my car keys every single morning on weekdays.

Now I only take my bike helmet and ride out
Into the fresh morning air

Avoid traffic jams. Ride along the river. End up my journey after 7 miles. Good morning.


How far should your long range electric bike take you?

Far Enough to Leave your Car Keys at Home

I strongly recommend you to consider a leave-your-car-at-home option if you are a daily commuter.

Of course if you live somewhere close to North Pole or your office (or school) is 30-40 miles away than more conservative means of transport still be your choice.


A simple thought not to spend your morning hour in traffic and not to be scared of fuel prices convince more and more people to contact electric bike dealers and choose an electric bike.

Electric bike gives you a couple strong advantages even against ordinary bike (no matter what, I’m still a lover of those too).

First and biggest – you arrive at work without sweat. Since not everyone has a shower at the office it’s a very important point.

Second – you ride faster and easier.

That saves your time and makes you feel good while leaving your fellow commuters behind.

Being More Exact...

Long range electric bike should be capable to transport you somewhere between 20 -50 miles riding in pedal assisted regime.

Like always there are plenty of variables that can increase (or decrease) the range of your one-charge-ride. For example – riding conditions such as wind and terrain may influence your riding range dramatically.

Don’t forget your weight too (maybe having a Pedelec system instead of eBike is not so bad idea after all?).

Perhaps the simplest way to extend your riding range is...

To assist your bike motor with your legs power. Average pedaling shouldn’t bring you sweat. However, it would take you much further than riding electric only.

OK, I know, you love numbers, so...

Range of One-Charge-Ride

Electric assisted bike (Pedelec system) equipped with 36v12ah electric installation should take you 20-50 miles (~32-80 km) without your car keys.

Put an additional battery in your bag and you will exceed this range. Talking about pure electric ride (eBike system) the numbers are...

Again with 36v12ah electric installation you should ride 14-28 miles (~22-45 km) without making a single move with pedals.

I think these are quite impressive numbers already to start thinking about daily commuting.

Finally, we are not for making records here. I think a bike with a range around 30 miles (~50 km) may be easily called as a long range electric bike.

Think about additional battery or even solar chargeable accumulator and the limits of your range will be only the limits of your imagination.

That’s it with Long range electric bike. Continue with Electric bike

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