Virginia Bike Trails
All the Bike Routes Cross Here in
Old Dominion

As in old proverb “All roads lead to Rome”. Only here these roads are used by cyclists and cross on the coast of Atlantic Ocean

Come and taste Virginia cycling trails yourself

I am not sure whether back then in XVII century settlers in Virginia had bicycles. What is for sure that now this state has one of the largest biking networks in USA.

Eager to try?

Some Places on Earth Deserved to be Biking Heavens

And Virginia is surely one of those places.

Ocean coast, mountains, hills, forests and valleys. Southwest Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Appalachian Valley to be more exact. Can you imagine what these nature wonders have to offer for your next epic bike journey?

Better don’t leave it to your imagination only. Just come and see it yourself. Climate here is perfect for you to enjoy a long cycling season.

I didn’t mention that proverb about roads just for the bigger impression. Virginia bike trails really are the crossing point of the TransAmerica Bike Route. Well this is something to be proud of.

Get on your bike here and Virginia bike trails will lead you to the boarder of the state where... will be able to continue your epic ride through Midwestern states up to Illinois or...

Go down South till you reach Florida and Gulf of Mexico. What a choice. More than 800 Miles lay ahead your front wheel.

Don’t tell me it’s not inspiring.

Came Here not for Touring?

Although Virginia is one of the most popular touring places in USA (for obvious reasons), you will certainly find less civilized biking activities here.

Less civilized means less paved cycling roads and more off road Virginia bike trails.

If touring from city to city is not your purpose, just push your brakes and take a look around. What do you see? That’s right...


And where are the mountains, there will always be mountain bikers. Take out your compass and find south, southeast direction.

You have just found the right course. Going down south always feels some kind of inspiring.

And inspired you should be.

Biking trails in distant areas of Virginia, through its mountains and valleys should be a “must-do” cycling destination for every mountain biker.

Being here on your bike is literally breathtaking.

Not just because you will deal with lots of natural obstacles, ups and downs (as usual on every MTB trail).

Your breath will also go away because of gorgeous sceneries of the mountainous part of Virginia.

When your breath is back, select from plenty of Virginia bike trails.

Be it one hour long easy ride on paved road or your epic ride through mountains and valleys of Old Dominium (nickname of Virginia; actually, one of the nicknames).

Your Trail is...

Road bike trails as well as mountain biking trails are listed HERE

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