Folding Mountain Bikes – Just Like your Good Old Pocket Knife

Folding Bikes are Designed for
Those Hard Moments when Your Bike Needs to fit
Somewhere in Between the Fridge and Kitchen-Range.
Or the Trunk of Your Honda

Sounds Like Impossible Mission?

You probably have seen folding commuting city bikes. Folding hybrid bikes. With correct tires hybrid bike could be your decision as well.

But what about “real” folding mountain bicycle? That’s a rare thing.

Worth your attention…

Just imagine you need twice as less space to store your mountain bike. Easy getting in and out in the last public transport station when you arrive at your favorite biking trail.

Having peace of mind knowing your bike is safe with you and not left somewhere outside your office, school or house.

So, you need full size mountain bike. And that nice tiny 20 inch-wheeler is not an option for you…

Time to compromise…

“Normal” 26 inch solid mountain bike that folds like your pocket knife. Put it in your car trunk and you are ready to go. With a little practice you soon will be able to assemble and re-assemble your travel companion in 1 – 2 minutes. And that’s it.

Take it even on plane with you. By the way, talking about planes…

Any Paratroopers in Town?

Do you know where the idea of folding bike came from?

According to the legend, first folding mountain bike has been built for military. For those airborne guys jumping out the planes for sting operations on enemy territory. Quick, handy and durable – you will like these qualities even if you are not a soldier…

Imagine yourself jumping from the plain...

...with your bike?...

OK, no need to jump from the skies and invade the enemy.

You may use military folding mountain bikes even for commuting purposes. Or cross country trails. Just take a look at this invention. I agree you need to get used to its looks.

But for me it looks solid, aggressive and ready for action. Real man’s stuff.

However, let’s put emotions aside for a moment. Why is this bike worth your attention?

Because of its simple and clever folding mechanism. The bike frame is not just cut in the half in order to fold it. Seat stay and chain stay (that back triangle of bike’s frame) simply move around seat tube like on axis.

Result? Swift and reliable folding system with no compromise on quality.

Any Problems?

Folding mountain bikes sometimes have specific problems.

Issues with shifting may occur. Since you are folding up your bike constantly front and rear derailleurs may lose their geometry and cause shifting problems.

So, get used to tune your gears form time to time.

Bigger problem comes with those “cut-in-half” folding bikes. They are OK for commuting. However, avoid any aggressive rides on difficult trails.

Bike frame made from two separate pieces loses its durability and is less stable.

You may blame me for commercial message, but I would really upon military technologies more than simple “cut-in-half” mountain bike.

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