Electric Motor Bike – Perfect Companion in Rush Hours and Lazy Fun Sunday Rides

Electric Motor Bike is Like your Green Motorcycle
Just More Simple, Cheaper and Healthier

It’s all about your mobility.

Discover new ways to transport yourself from point A to point B with less effort. Simple, relatively cheap (compared with moped or motorcycle), nature friendly and fuel resistant...

I would like to offer you to discover your...

Electric Cycling Habits

Expand your mobility. This is not just another empty slogan of e-bikes advertisers. This is real. Well, in most cases, when you purchase a decent electric motor bike.

So, getting back to your mobility...

E-bikes are usually equipped with hub motors. This invention allows you to have an electric bike motor and battery installed...

into the wheels of your bike. Although batteries may be fixed on bike frame or rack as well.

Or even put in your bag and wired with e-motor.

Depending on your bike model, complexity of your trail, your weight and even weather conditions, your e-bike will take you up to 60 miles (96 km) away from your starting point.

Not a bad deal, I would say.

Usually it is possible to choose between “electric assisted” and pure electric ride. Do you know where does that assistance come from?

Right answer! Your legs. It is a bicycle, anyway. Assistance system tracks your efforts, calculates your pedaling power and adds extra power boost from electric motor.

That’s where one-man-powered machine becomes similar to motorcycle.

Hot summer days will be the time when you will enjoy your “electric” decision most. It takes only several minutes to sweat completely on your trail to school or office.

With your electric motor bike this won’t bother you anymore.

What About Those Tinny Wheels?

It not only looks funny with those 16 inch (or even smaller) wheels.

It provides more maneuverability and torque when climbing up the hills. It requires less space and is easier to carry. However, not everything in this picture is as nice as it seems...

If you are a big guy (or girl...) this bike can simply be too small for you. You won’t be able to pedal comfortably unless you are going to ride only electric regime.

Since this is a bike you would like to pedal from time to time, anyway.

Big bumps on your way is the next problem of small wheels.

Try to take smooth roads and avoid any off road adventures unless you would like to have most uncomfortable ride you can imagine.

Finally, reconsider if you are looking for electric small-wheeler with no gears. You simply won’t be able to pedal efficiently and fast enough while riding with motor assistance.

Gears on your electric motor bike could solve this problem, though.

Take It With You

Electric motor bicycle that folds is probably one of the best decisions for daily commuter.

You arrive to your school or office fresh and happy, without wiping away sweat from your forehead. Then you fold your bike and...

Take it with you.

No temptation for thieves. Easier living for you.

Folding electric bike is also a good choice when you travel with public transport or even your own car.

Possibility to put your bike just behind your seat and take it out when you need it expands you mobility significantly.

That’s it with Electric Motor Bike. Proceed with Electric Bike

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