Electric Scooter Bike
“I’m Not a Bike, Not Yet a Motorcycle...”

Electric Scooter Bike is a Young and Modern
Relative of “Bike-As-We-Know-It”. Meet and Love the Little One

It looks more like a toy than a real mean of transportation. However, nobody said we cannot have some fun playing...

Sorry, riding on scooters.

Is It Really Just a Toy?

Well, it depends. Choose a scooter equipped with a 400-500 watt electric motor and this little thing can already be your commuting vehicle.

Another option would be an electric bike.

Still, scooter provides you with more comfortable ride in case you are not used and willing to pedal. So, your scooter will be perfect companion on your short trips to campus or local store.

Be creative and...

Take your electric scooter bike to golf fields. You won’t need to rent a golf cart anymore.

Or take it to your sailing boat and use it like compact transportation mean while you are exploring new ports and cities.

OK, let’s go down to earth.

Instead of sailing boat, take your scooter with you on the bus. You will reach your final destination more comfortable after your bus ride. It is like your pocket bike. Ready when you need it.


Pay attention to the maximum travel range. With average between 8 to 12 miles (13-19 km) per charge it won’t be capable to transport you forever.

Be sure you have charged your batteries. Or have a replacement. This is not an electric motor bike. It has no pedals. It means you have to... push it home. Not very nice alternative after hard day at work.

On last thing if you are not “playing”...

Be sure your scooter is designed to carry adult weight. You plus your bag, laptop and other stuff may be a real challenge for “kids’ scooter”. The same applies to electric motor.

It should have at least 400 watt capacity to carry you and your bag all the way including up the hills.

Here Comes the Fun Part!

Guess what? Kids love it.

Don’t even think to buy electric scooter bike for one of your kids letting the other on “bare feet”. They will demand you to buy another one. Or two. However, this isn’t without a reason.

Scooters indeed can be fun.

I saw parents riding scooters of their kids just around the block. I guess simplicity of movement is the most attractive feature of electric scooter bikes. You just get on it, push the ignition button and...

You’re on your way. With the smile on your face. Believe me, I saw examples...

Simplicity of movement is supplemented with delight of using environment friendly transportation. Get solar panel to charge your scooter for even more “green habits”.

Finally, you may choose whether to sit or to stand on your feet while riding. Scooter with a seat is more comfortable, especially if you are using your scooter not only as a toy.

However, no-seat-scooter will provide you with more maneuverability and sense of free movement.

Whatever your choice is, it is no doubt electric scooters do have that little “fun spark” inside them.

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