Electric Bike Parts
What Turns Your Ordinary Bike Into the Real Electric Machine?

Electric bike parts are...

The electric motor to assist or even replace your legs power,
the battery to store electric power for you and finally,
the controller to make you the one, who decides how far and how fast to go.

This combination of three lets you to enter into the whole new cycling level.

When you are happy about the steep hills on your trail.

So, let’s begin with number...

One. Electric motor


Very strong electromagnets installed into the motor case create the energy that is converted into the movement of your bike wheel. Motor case is put inside the hub of the front or rear wheel.

Almost all modern electric bike motors have no brushes anymore.

Let’s not get into physics to deep, you need to know only one thing – brushless motor creates less friction.

That is a good thing because less friction means better durability of all electric bike parts.

If you like numbers, here are some characteristics...

Equip your bike with the power of 36v (~400-600w) electric motor and you get a vehicle with maximum speed between 16 – 22 mph (26-35 km/h).

Looking for more?

48v electric motor (up to ~1000w) gives you already a speed up to 28 mph (45 km/h). Find out more numbers of cycling range here. Electric bike dealers often sale electric bike parts together as a kit. This means you need to buy motor together with a battery already. Sometimes this can be harder for your budget.


Electromagnets in your hub motor need electric power, so here comes number...

Two. Battery (and Its Health)

Battery is the heart of your electric vehicle. So treat it well. It is a very expensive pleasure to change your batteries every now and then.

Always follow the instruction that comes with your battery.

If it’s most common SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery, most likely instruction will say you need to charge your battery fully before your first electric ride.

Do it.

Then recharge accumulator every time you go back from your trail. No matter whether you have been on your epic trail or just pedaled to the shop around the corner.

Finally, never ever leave your battery plugged into the grid more than it’s required to fully recharge it.

If you stick to these advises your battery will live long and healthy life. And you won’t fell any shortage of electricity.

Win-win situation.

Learn more about electric bike batteries here

Three. Controller (vs. Pedelec)

Number three represents the connection between motor and battery.

There are two ways how you control your electric bike. It may happen with a throttle on your handlebar. You simply regulate how many power (and speed) you need at the moment.

Just like electric scooter.

Another way is an electronic sensor. It “feels” how active you are pedaling and adds electric input from e-motor accordingly. It feels more like a “real” bike going downhill all the time.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about the differences between these two systems of controller here

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