Custom Mountain Bikes – Toy for Garage Fans

Custom Mountain Bikes are Probably the Most Flexible Way to Make Your most Specific Biking Needs a Reality

What Do You Need to Do?

You can either do it by yourself or hire an expert to do it for you. First option sounds more interesting if you have particular skills.

If you don’t…

Well, it may take some time, but skills are learnable.

Talking about skills… do you know how to work with metal? Things such as melting, brazing, polishing. You do? Perfect. You can make yourself any bike frame in the world.

Highly exceptional.

You don’t? No problem. Someone else does. Select any pre-built bike frame according to your needs. Or go to the expert and order one.

Make accurate frame sizing before you do that.

Once you have chosen the appropriate bike frame it is time to decide what quality level bike components you will use on your new born bike.

Have you ever heard about gruppo or groupset of bike components?

If you don’t want to know more about different groupsets it will suffice to say that gruppo is one of the easiest ways to select quality level of bike parts according to your needs and budget.

Beauty of groupset is the same quality level and guaranteed compatibility between bike components such as derailleurs, cassette, chain, shifters, brake set, wheel set and other.

It is customizable. And that’s good.

…and What’s Your Final Result?

Sorry for romantics, but sky is the limit in this case.

You get what you want. Build (!) or buy any frame you need. Brakes, suspension systems, wheels, pedals and so on, and so on…

Everything depends on you. And your budget…

In best case scenario you will build yourself a perfect riding tool, which fits you well and knows your needs. Worst case scenario? Bunch of separate parts ready for new beginning.

Not so bad.

Design, materials, components quality, weight, even color and number of spokes – everything depends on your selection.

I personally would like to emphasize the freedom of custom mountain bikes to choose a frame size you need. Be it extra-large or extra-small.

Since these “extras” are not so common on market dedicated mostly to “average” sizes, custom built frame may be your solution.

No need to mention that you can build any bike type you imagine – full suspension, hardtail, 29er, comfort, singlespeed, or even something unique and typical only for you.

Finally – just imagine that feeling that your bike is like no other bike in the world.


And the Price is…

Price of custom mountain bikes depends on components quality and complexity of your needs. And luck.

Just search harder and you will find appropriate frame and gruppo for decent price.

Will it be cheaper than a “ready” mountain bike from store?

It may be. It may be not.

Price is unpredictable variable here because it totally depends on your selection of components.

One thing is for sure – custom build mountain bike offers you more flexible price choices than any other bike.

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