Freeride Mountain Bike - Adrenalin Addict? Go Downhill and a Bit More

“Downhill and a Bit More” supposes Freeride Mountain Bike
to be one of the most Extreme Attractions.
So Extreme That it can Even be Banned. Will That Stop You?...

A “Bit More” stands for more flying and more stunts. Similar to downhill bikes but lighter freeride bikes are more universal.

They won’t let you down on DH track. But they will also let you to have fun by making complicated stunts.

Freeride Mechanics

As you already know, freeride (FR) mountain bike is a close relative with downhill bike. What relates them is their extreme purpose of use, their durability and reliability on hard conditions.

What makes them different?

Freeride bike is designed to be better handled and balanced for stunts. DH bike shows its best riding on high speed. These qualities are decided be shorter (FR bike) vs. longer (DH bike) wheelbase.

Frame angles step in to the game too.

FR bike’s headtube is more upright and bottom bracket is higher from the ground compared with a downhill machine.

Freeride mountain bike needs to be able to accept large (very large) jumps, drops and artificial obstacles. This is actually the main goal of freeride philosophy – creativity combined with speed, control and… courage.

You need adequate bike suspension to handle a freeride trail well. Since less weight is highly important when flying in the air (literally) and making stunts, FR bikes often have less suspension travel than downhill mountain bikes. You would like to have suspension up to 7 inches (18 cm) on your FR bike in order to find a balance between need of suspension and bike weight.

However, on market you can find monster forks with more than 12 inch (30 cm) travel.

In case the highest jump is not high enough for you…

Stunts, More Stunts and…
Stunts Again

Freeride is actually a mix of various disciplines. Originated from snowboarding, evolved with BMX bikes, matured on its own trails – freeride mountain biking is beloved discipline among many mountain bikers.

But discipline is a wrong word, actually...

Doing stunts is not a discipline. It’s a riding philosophy. Your personal creativity from the beginning to the last inch of trail.

And when you finally reach the end of your trail...

Look for shuttle or lift-chair to get back to start again. Surely, you may pedal as well if the trail is suitable. However, having in mind the complexity of the trail, most likely you would like to wait for the shuttle.

It May Hurt...

Because riding FR bike is a serious stuff.

Some freeriders even get banned from their handmade trails with jumps, hurdles and similar stuff necessary for freeride.

This is a mere legal regulation that land owners are considered to be responsible if any injuries or damage evolve while using any “unauthorized” equipment on their land.

As this adds even more romantic to freeride philosophy, however you should be aware of your safety.

Save yourself and use the same means like you were riding a downhill bike.

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