Single Speed Mountain Bike
Invention for Minimalism Lovers

Can we Ride without Derailleurs and Gear?
Single Speed Bike says “Yes, we can!”
Have no Headache what gear to use.

Ready to Become Simple?

Complexity? No, thank you

Tired to think what gear to use? How to harmonize your front and rear derailleurs? Love minimalism?

If so, single speed mountain bikes may be your choice.

This biking minimalism also has various degrees. Most radical - simple single speed with no freewheel and no suspension. I believe you may find this radical approach more attractive if you use your mountain bike mainly for commuting purposes.

Only road and pedaling. No distractions.

However, you need to get used to no-freewheel bike hub. It’s very specific and requires additional practice.

Thinking about little bit of complexity?

Add bike suspension. Add new brakes or pedals. Upgrade your bike however you wish. You may even install gears. However, in such case the beauty of simplicity will be lost…

What do you Get?

What you see is what you get. Minimal equipped, lightweight and durable bike. Where this durability comes from? The less is more. In your case, less mountain bike parts and simple design statistically results in less technical issues and more durable bike.

Depending on your cycling habits, you may ride your single speed on single track or on the road.

In most cases it is not designed to conquer the heights of mountains riding single speed up-hill.

You can’t get all mountains bike with only one gear.

Get yourself a 29er single speed bike. You will have greater momentum, what gives you better accelerating ability.


like all 29er’s your single speed mountain bike will have better chances to overcome various obstacles and difficulties on your road.

Not bad.

Need for Speed?

Need for speed is very personal issue. You may need more than I, and I may need more than my neighbor. Let’s pretend we all ride a single speed.

What to do?

Couple of things. You can change your sprocket, let’s say, from 20 teeth to 18 teeth. Usually you won’t have to change the chain to make this upgrade. It is simple to go back to your 20 teeth sprocket later.

For example, if you won’t commute with your mountain bike anymore.

Now find a good trail and test. Feel the difference? No? OK, in such case let’s try another option.

If you miss speed even after upgrade to 18 teeth, it is time to compromise. Simplicity vs. Need for speed. Advance to 9 speed sprocket. Do you feel the difference now?

You should. You just said “Good bye” to your good old single speed.

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