Comfort Bicycles – Tired of that “Wooden Chair” of yours?
Get some Comfort

Comfort Bicycles are something In-Between.
Let’s say Between Mountain Bike and Road Bike.
However, they are More than simple Mix of their Highly respected Relatives

What Makes Comfort

Comfort bike is a relative to mountain bike. Let’s call it lazy bike. It’s like riding while sitting on your couch.

Just better.

This lazy cousin of mountain bike offers you comfort options mixed and joined together with mountain bike features. Comfort bike also uses re-designed mountain bike’s frame with longer head tube.

Such bike frame design makes your riding position more straight and your back happier.

Another comfort option – 26 inches wheels with narrower tires, varying up to 1.8 inches (4.5 cm) width, what guarantees you easier ride with less friction.

You would like to get semi-slick tires to combine asphalt street rides with your Sunday country trails.

What about suspension?

Sure. You probably won’t need full suspension bike for cruising. But your comfort bike should be equipped with seatpost and fork suspension.

And don’t forget that big, soft leather bike seat. Even with extra spring suspension. Comfort bicycle with style is what you get.

Don’t be surprised finding front and/or rear hub brakes installed instead of usual bike brakes. Since you are not supposed to take your comfort bike to freeride trails, you need less braking power. Being integral part of hub these brakes are durable and reliable.

Where to Use It

Take it easy. Comfort bikes are not intended to be used on rough rides. You probably are not going to exercise any stunts while riding comfort bike too. Choose downhill or freeride bike if you are looking for extreme fun.

Let’s go back to comfort…

Comfort bicycle will serve you well on various terrains (remember that relation with mountain bikes?).

Street, country road, cut through the parks, easy single trail, cycling exercises or happy Sunday rides with family – comfort bike is made for that.

Comfort cruising is what you are going to do.

Bike components are also designed to give you more comfortable ride.

You will find front and rear lights, various fixing systems for your luggage, fenders or even a universal holder for your mobile phone loaded via dynamo installed in your front wheel hub.


And that’s not the end. Comfort bike’s frame design lets you sit in obviously more straight position compared with downright riding style on mountain bike.

Less backache, more comfort.

Comfortable Price

Entry level comfort bike will also offer you a comfortable price.

With investment varying between 200-500 USD you will be able to get a comfortable ride.

Even if you are sworn mountain biker, comfort bike may be your choice for easy fun rides.

Last remark – don’t fall significantly below 200 USD price.

Local big chain stores are interested neither in your comfort nor in quality bikes.

Better contact your online store for best price and quality ratio.

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