Hybrid Bicycle – It Tries to Meet Everyone’s Needs.
Does this Strategy really Work?

Hybrid Bike– a General Purpose Bike.
It doesn’t Need to Be Specific to Become your
Faithful Everyday Companion

Ingredients of Hybrid Bikes

It’s something in between of road bike and mountain bike. You may call it comfort, commuter, city or cross bike – it all falls under the umbrella of hybrid bike.

So, what do we need to mix if we want to get hybrid bikes?

Firstly, hybrid bicycles take and use the best qualities of road and mountain bikes. This means they are comfortable, stable and suitable on both surfaces - asphalt and bike paths.

However, it’s general purpose bike, so I suppose you are not going to take your hybrid to real cross country or complex single trail.

No matter what trail you choose, you would like to use…

Guess what?

Hybrid tires. Your tire’s width should begin with 0.9 inches (2.3 cm) for asphalt and go up to 1.6 inches (4 cm) width for soil trails.

Depending on your trail (more asphalt or more soil trails) this width will guarantee you a good traction with minimal possible loss of speed.

Talking about speed. Hybrid tires are usually inflated more than mountain bike tires in order to reduce friction and make your rolling easier.

Riding position. Your riding position on hybrid bicycle will be more comfortable than on mountain bike.

You will appreciate your more straight sitting position giving you more convenient center of gravity and comfort, especially if your back and bones already remind you about their existence after a long bike rides.

Why do You Need It?

Between street and easy off-road. Hybrid bicycles should be your choice if you are not going to be highly specific on some particular kind of trail.

Asphalt, grass, cuts through parks, gravel paths, easy ups and downs…

Sounds like easy fun Sunday ride with your friends or family.

And that’s what exactly hybrid bike is – your everyday companion for rides without stress on trails without specific requirements.

That’s where this bike does its job perfect.

Frame designed for comfort, saves your knees, back and neck from those extra tensions you get riding on road or mountain bike.

Finally, hybrid bikes give you not only physical riding comfort.

Depending on the purpose of your bike, you may easily upgrade this bike with any accessories you need.

Lights, phone holder, coffee cup holder (!), bike computer, bags and various holders for your stuff – it all can be installed on your bike.

And if you need more comfort, why don’t you try to look at a hybrid bike with more specific purpose – comfort bike?

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