Mountain Bike Seat - Sit Down, Please

Sentence “No Pain – No Gain”
doesn’t work for Bike Seat

Reduce your Pain and get more “Gain”

You would rather ride your scooter bike than sit on your mountain bike seat again? Since I prefer mountain bikes, I think it’s time for you to consider about new bike seat.

Don’t you agree?

So, Where and How to Sit?

Basics first. Mountains’ specialized bike saddle is usually narrow, with a long frontal part. Seat front is designed for better control of your bike. Longer seat also lets you to adjust your body while riding.


Padded or non-padded?

Considering More Comfort?

Think about medium-padded or fully-padded seat. However, “the softer – the better” approach may disappoint you.

No matter how soft it is, your seat can still force you to dream about scooter bike.


Because its shape is not right to fit your body. As your “back bones” sinks a bit lower on soft sides of bike seat, your crotch may get pressed by your weight as the central part of the seat doesn’t compress so much.

Instead of “the softer – the better” seat, you may like gel seats. What’s that?

Gel-filled mountain bike seat may be your choice in case of numbness, groin and overall irritation of your backside. It offers you more flexibility and comfort since gel adapts your body forms.

Disadvantages? Generally more weight. But remember, it’s for sake of your backside…

Considering More Efficiency?

I believe comfort is the most important thing when choosing a bike seat. You may disagree. If so, non-padded bicycle saddle waits you.

Where that efficiency comes from? No additional body movements due to seat suspension. It means every watt of your muscle energy goes to pedals.

More advantages?...

Less top material means fewer points on your seat which can cause friction with your crotch and groin.

You may even find seats with slots in the top to reduce frictional forces even more. And you get modern look as a bonus.

Man – Women Differences…

I’m still talking about mountain bike seat here.

Please note that men’s and women’s bicycle saddles differ from each other. Anatomy plays its role what results in shorter and wider women’s bike’s seats.

What gets a man? A bit longer and not so wide seat design. Such a theory.

In reality both genders sometimes find both types of seats very suitable. However, try specialized first…

Is Suspension a Solution?

Yes, indeed, seat suspension can help. Especially on long runs, since it reduces bumps to your behind.

Here are three main types of seat suspension (I’m not talking here about mountain bike suspension).

Type one – your legs. Surprised? Don’t be. Mother Nature gave bikers’ perfect natural suspension system – their legs. Just don’t be lazy to slightly rise from your seat when you are dealing with various bumps on your trail.

Use your legs even more…

Get-off your bike, make a five minutes break. Do some Yoga exercises, if you like. Just do something, if you start feeling pain or discomfort on your ride.

Type two – seat with built-in springs. It may look a bit “outdated” (just like in photo) but it works.

As design is a personal preference, built-in springs do what they are supposed to do- soften your ride. May be a good choice for commuters.

Type three - seatpost with a suspension system installed inside. You may attach whatever seat you want – suspension seatpost will keep you more comfortable.

Modern, simple and useful. It adds more weight to your bike, though. No one’s perfect.

Better than Bad but still not Perfect?

Your mountain bike seat may feel all right, but…

After a while, you start feeling uncomfortable again. Don’t hurry to mountain bike shop. Maybe your seat only needs some adjustments for riding comfort?

Right seat position and height helps you to spread your weight better and get more comfort. So take your time and adjust your bike seat right.

Find more information about fitting your riding position correctly in mountain bike frames section.

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