Specialized Bike Helmets
Not the Part of Your Bike or Clothing

They are the Part of Your Body
When You’re on Trail

The Problem...

Have you ever tried to fly over the ramp or similar obstacle being not very confident about the outcomes of this “adventure”?

Of course you have. There is always the first time. So...

You are in the air. Those fantastic seconds when you feel like flying. But the gravity works. The ground comes closer and...

...you realize you have no idea how to put your bike safely on the road again. You have skills how to ride, not how to fly your bike after all.

Any ideas what comes next?

Over the handlebars, left side, right side, even on your back – there are plenty of options how not-to-lend-safely.

That hurts.

And your head may suffer the biggest impact. No fun. Do not repeat my mistakes.

Let’s say few words about solution.

...and The Solution

Bike helmet. My favorite cycling helmets are Specialized bike helmets. And why is that so?

Simply because they have proved their quality on trail. They do their hard job.

What you get as a bonus is modern design, nice wind and sun performance (means aerodynamic and sun/heat protection with ventilation) and user friendly approach.

The company claims they produce the best helmets in the world.

Well, that’s a bit ambitious claim. The world is big as we know. But, being honest, it’s not so groundless claim.

Together with performance characteristics mentioned before specialized bike helmets comply with all safety standards.

Safety standards come from the legal regulations as you may know. Setting the boring legal stuff aside this means your helmet is as safe as it should be.

The rest is up to you. I mean, don’t dive from the rock on your head on purpose. Even specialized bike helmets have their limits...

Mountain Biker’s Head

There is nothing special with mountain biker’s head.

It needs to be protected as heads of all the other bikers. Specialized offers MTB helmets at the price range between 40 – 240 USD.

Quite affordable sum when talking about your head. Having in mind that the helmet is a must, your further choices actually depend on your needs. Skate-style helmet is the one which will do its job of protection. And that’s it.

It is simple as that.

Invest more and you’ll get more features and advanced performance. I mean better ventilation, less weight, more fitting possibilities and even a visor.

Go to the top price range and you’ll have the most advanced technologies and extended protection on your head. And this is always nice to know.

Last Words and More Helmets for You

Since this site is called mountain-bikes-menu.com, I have mentioned only mountain biking related specialized bike helmets.

You will find plenty of other categories (road, kids, recreational and other) by clicking a link that is here Welcome to the Safe-Head-Club!

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