Minnesota Mountain Bike Trails
Ready to Cycle around
10 000 Lakes?

(there are more, actually...)

What about Minnesota bike trails? Well...

More than ten thousand fresh water lakes, many forests and wilderness areas as well as preserved nature parks make Minnesota the “must-go” place for a mountain biker.

So, if you are one of them...

Lakes in Leafy Forests. What’s your Next Move?

Your next move should be something similar like packing your bag, double checking your mountain bike, triple checking all the essentials for your ride and... don’t forget the map.

Since the southern part of Minnesota is mostly prairies, and prairies are mostly turned into an agriculture fields in these modern times, you would like to raise your look higher until your eye meets the North Woods.

This is your place.

Similar to Michigan, Minnesota lays in continental climate zone. For you it means cold winter (no cycling) and hot summer (best cycling).

Surface and nature here will make your eyes happy. Lakes, rivers, forests and rivers and little bit more forests. That’s what you usually find when you attack Minnesota bike trails.

Road biker?

Wild paths through forests and woods make you sad? Minnesota people know how to make you happy. Choose among plenty of paved Minnesota bike trails designed for road bikes and easy family rides.

However, Let’s go Back to...

That’s right, Minnesota mountain bike trails.

I would like to draw your attention to the traditions of biking events here in Minnesota. There are many organized cycling tours during the biking season.

This means you ride with other people on the best available and prepared routs through the state.

On your trail you will find places to rest (yes, the event most probably takes more than one day ride), places to eat and to drink.

Also the support on your road if that’s necessary.

The best part is that you may choose the length of your trail. If the entire week cycling adventure seems too much for you, take shorter trail and leave the rest for your next trip.

At the end of the day, organized cycling event on Minnesota mountain bike trails is an option really worth your consideration.

You must register and pay some entrance fee (discount is sometimes applied to teams and early-birds). Also pay attention to the limits of maximum participants.

Early-birds win again.

Individual Rides for Individuals

You can discover Minnesota mountain bike trails all alone. No organized and crowded group is required. If you don’t want to.

If that’s the case, prepare for more challenging ride. What you need to do is to plan and pack everything carefully. Especially if you are taking a longer ride on more distant trail.

What’s that everything?

Bike repair kit (must), extra water (if no one of those 10 000 lakes will be near you), compass, map of the trail and surroundings, first aid kit.

And don’t tell me you don’t feel that little thrill inside you while packing all this “biker’s-survival-stuff”. I know you are excited about your planned ride.

That’s why you have chosen Minnesota mountain bike trails.

More information about Minnesota trails HERE

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