Iowa Bike Trails
Under the Shadow of the Oak Woods

So you are here. In Iowa.
On your bike. Looking for Iowa cycling trails.

Typical question one should ask would be “What is worth seeing here?” Since you are here with your cycling machine, your question will be “Which trail is worth riding here?”

Grab your Bike and Sunscreen

Just before you begin to choose among Iowa bike trails, let’s take a closer look about biking conditions here.

Iowa officially claims having more than one thousand miles of trails.

Being connected with each other these multi-purpose trails let you to explore rich variety of Iowa’s sceneries. And these are really very different.

Mild hills, plains and forests cover the most surface of the state.

Actually, the area along the Mississippi River, called Driftless Zone, has many steep hills. You could call them “half-mountains” already. So...

Overall, it sounds promising for your next biking adventure. What about sunscreen? Take it with you. Iowa summer may greet you with an average 90 °F (32 C) temperature. This factor together with significant humidity results in significant sweat on your skin.

That’s Iowa.

Last thing about it – this is not a large state. So, be sure you check several Iowa bike trails to get an impression about the different cycling conditions here.

Cut Through the Woods with Your Bike

How do local people organize biking here? No, they do not enter the oak forests with axes. They clear and maintain the trails in the shadow of old trees.

Just flag the limits of the prospective trail, clear bushes and windfalls and...

...connect the trail with already existing Iowa trails.

Sounds easier than it is. However, in Iowa you will find inner city trails (as in Cedar Rapids) as well as great trails with that nice back country feeling.

If you are considering Iowa for your next bike ride, try contact local bikers’ communities first. These people are enthusiasts who clear and upkeep Iowa bike trails. Of course they ride them too.

Anyway, it is always a pleasure for them to show the results of their hard work for the visitors on bikes.

Etiquette on the Trail

Many biking trails in Iowa are multi-purpose trails.

This means you will share your road with many other nature-sport-lovers (take a look at the picture).

Iowa bike trails

Horse riding, hiking, running – all these activities may come together with biking.

So, be polite on your trail (this is applicable for all trails in the world, not only Iowa’s).

Be responsible, use your bell (especially on bi-directional trails), take care of others and... share a nice time under Iowa oaks!

Finally, for your convenience, check out this resource containing various options of bike trails in Iowa

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