Houston Bike Trails
Satisfaction Guaranteed Air-Conditioning Not Included

Houston bike trails are almost the perfect place
for cardio workouts.

Just like cycling in sauna

What about bike paths in Houston?

If it happened that you are on your bike in Houston, there are lots of interesting biking choices open for you. Especially if you don’t want to welcome that midday heat being in the center of the city.

Talking about Air-conditioning...

Houston was called as the “most air-conditioned place on Earth” once. What does this tell you about cycling conditions?

Since the air-conditioning for bikes is still not invented, you will have to rely merely on your water supplies and the nearest refreshments’ store.

In summer months Houston may welcome you with more than 90 °F (32 C) average temperature.

Air humidity adds a nice bonus to this temperature actually giving you a nice feeling of Turkish sauna.

However, there is nothing that would stop you when you are on your bike, isn’t it? So...

What about Houston bike trails?

Actually you have a really nice variety of biking trails around Houston. Or even inside the city itself.

In-city Houston bike trails are probably the best choice for you if you have not enough time to explore the surrounding areas.

Advantage of the easy access of in-city trails may be threatened by the fact that these biking trails are not as long as mountain biker would like them to be.

However, if you want to feel the taste of Houston on your bike, these trails should be your first choice.

Houston is a large city. Lots of bikers everywhere. So don’t be surprised seeing a crowd on your bike trail. Since this may be a little annoying, think about attacking Houston trails at night.

Less bikers, more challenges.

And... cooler night air as a little bonus.

If you decided to go outside the city, your trail choice will depend on your biking experience. Although experience is a thing that may be gained, choose the trail according to your level first.


Most of the Houston bike trails are really attractive. Easy biking path over the plains is not so common thing here.

What you actually get is lot of up-hills and down-hills, single paths, bluffs and...


Well this could be painful... So, pay extra attention to these nice green plants. Another thing is that due to air humidity and lots of afternoon showers soil might become slippery.

If you see the warning “Don’t ride wet trails” this is a really rational warning.

Stay on the dry road, avoid bluffs and high speed on curves. Unless you are willing to make a close friendship with cactuses. One last thing – check the following resource for more information on cycling trails in Houston area.

These guys know what to do with their bikes in Houston, go to www.ghorba.org.

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