Florida Bike Trails
Watch Out for the Sun and Crocodiles

Florida bike trails are often
declared as a heaven for cycling fans.

It might be true. Especially if you like hot weather rides. However, almost tropical climate most likely will force you to look for a shadow on your trail.

Shadow is a luxury thing in Florida.

“Today we have another sunny day...”

Most likely you are from northern states or live in some other country in the world where people know what it means to ride bike trails covered with snow.

It might be you are looking for a place suitable to ride your bike almost through all the year. If so...

...then Florida might be a wonderful choice for you.

Surely, you need to be prepared for “heat-wave”, because thermal shock can be very exhausting thing during your first days in Florida.

Anyway, lot of drinking water and friendly restaurants on your way will help you to deal with this problem. Average temperature in summer time in Florida doesn’t exceed 100 °F (38 °C).

This sounds promising for heat lovers...

Florida cycling
(or bike on the railroad...)

Yes, that’s true.

People in Florida (similar to those in Midwestern States) have been very creative when the time came to decide what to do with the old and disused railroads.

Many Florida bike trails are built on former railroads. This results in impressive biking network with easy access and comfortable riding conditions.

Of course, shadow is often hard to find when you cycle on such railroad corridors.

However, it’s worth, because you may reach plenty of small towns and villages or even wild areas in Florida when you get on your bike on such a road.

What else do you get when you choose Florida bike trails?

Many surfaces are smooth and are suitable not only for mountain bikes but also for the other types of bicycles. Hybrid bike, comfort bike or tandem may be pedaled very well on Florida trails.

Bike “off-the-railroad”

Get off the railroad if you are looking for mountain biking action.

Put your camera deep into the bag pack and enter the wilderness. Perfect rollers, curves and challenges can be found if you choose to leave comfortable cycling area.

Great thing is that mountain biking tracks here are mostly hidden in the woods. So what?


It’s usually cooler under the shadow of Florida oaks and palm forests. Just be careful of snakes (no joke, it’s recommendable to have a snake bite kit with you).

Actually, crocodiles and other wild beasts shouldn’t be a problem for you, you may watch them from a safe distance if your biking trail leads you near to one of those many wild nature reservations in the State of Florida.

You will find traffic signs telling you not to annoy wild animals. So, do not annoy them.

You are here for biking not for safari adventures.

What about that Best Trail in Florida?

Look for more useful information about particular Florida bike trails HERE (official Florida State website).

See you in a palm forest.

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