Bike Parts USA – “Made in USA”
Rare Thing These
“Made in China” Days

It’s good to be a patriot. It might be a little bit complicated as well. Especially when we talk about bike parts USA.

International economics of scale and low costs has forced to move many factories to cheaper countries.

What’s left in USA?

International brands

Such as Shimano, of course. Many bikes, even bikes made in the USA, come with Shimano components. This multinational Japanese manufacturer offers almost everything you need on your bike.

So, where is the USA input?

As I mentioned, many USA bike producers use Shimano components. I’m not sure whether Shimano has any factories back in USA.

It looks like they have limited their affairs to repair and guarantee services.

However, work places are created and quality guaranteed by assembling bikes with Shimano components in USA.

Offer worth your consideration.

Check JensonUSA for more American-international offers.

Bike’s Boutiques USA

American bike parts manufacturers often declare they are proud of what they are making.

You should pay attention to such declarations because things made with love always are of better quality. Even parts of a bike.

It is not cheap to make quality bike parts in USA today. That’s why those who stayed in USA are mostly boutique manufacturers. What does it mean to you?

Non-mass production.

What leads us to narrower yet a better quality choice. Fewer models from one manufacturer but more care for each single unit.

For example, I like that playful approach of folding bikes from the manufacturer with a playful name BikeFriday. Take a closer look at their cycling vision.

And yes. They are Americans. From Oregon. And they offer wide variety of bike parts that may be called bike parts made in USA.

Another nice “born in the USA” example is a company called White Industries. With its history beginning back in 1978 this company is a real deal for any bike parts USA seeker.

Last link I want to share with you is called Wound Up ( If you are looking for American bike frame parts this company may offer you their famous made in USA fork for your road bike.

At the end of the day...

Not everyone has gone to the other countries. And those who left are worth your time and consideration.

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